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Starting chemo 24th May

Hi all,

I'm 6 wks post mx and full axillary clearance and feeling strong and active again. I have remained mostly calm throughout but feeling much more tearful as I anticipate chemo.

6 cycles FEC and then Dox ( can't remember spelling, the one that makes you feel you've been hit by a truck !)

Is anyone else due to start, be good to share the experience, exchange tips etc.

Thanks for sharing so far xx

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Hi Tarn2103

The chemo can really be tough. Make sure to take the anti sickness as instructed and on time to get the full benefit of them. The day after chemo I felt like I was fit to rule the world but before the end of the day and said a good week after I felt exhaustes and weak. I was lucky and not sick but I slept . Do take it easy and rest when your body tells you to rest. If you get an elevated temperature get straight into your oncology liaison nurse (I ended up in hospital a few times with neutropenia - lack of white blood cells and no immune system) yes chemo is tough, but you will get through it. Sending hugs xxxxx Lainey66


I just had 6 docetaxel as I had perjeta and herceptin too had mine before surgery x

My cycles were similar each time so be prepared for the first and then each cycle will be ok as you will learn what days are worse for you mine were day 4-7 after each treatment and then two weeks normal and well before next treatment .

I found eating little and often taking your smoothies banana advocating and beetroot helped immune system post treatments and nibbling on rocket or watercress kept my iron stable x Eat what you fancy but avaoid alalcohol and try and a valid sugars eat turmeric and rosemary and there's a book called chemo cook book which is great x you may go off food and taste change so keep to what suits x

Grapefruit made me very sick and afterwards red about it and it says avoid grapefruit x

Keep walks to a 30 mins on week post chemo as you may get painful feet so keep them cool and elevated x

i used mouthwash they gave me to prevent problems and it worked x

Try and rest and let people cook you meals for the difficult days x

I used cold cap and lost minimum hair x paint nails dark avoids damage to nails x

I strayed mine April 27 th last year and a year post chemo no problems from treatment , I found buscopan helped with the stomach and bowel problems I had day 4-7 and Fabiano extra chewablecapsules .

Glycerin in a pad helps stop chemo burning my bum day 4-7 and I'm all it was far easier than I thought x

Keep positive count down treatments and have treats on your good days and remember the oncologist reviews you between treatments and will treat any side effects xx take care Maggie


Hi Tarn,

I only had 6 x fec so can't comment on the docetaxel.

It is horrid, but manageable. I dreaded it too but it wasn't as bad as I anticipated. The first one is OK, I felt nauseous but not sick after, had a furry mouth muggy head and felt drunk for a few days. Sleep was tough due to the steroids, but just rest when you can. Keep taking the meds even if you feel okay as they are probably working! Drink loads and eat what you fancy...

If you're sick contact the oncology dept asap as they can change the anti sickness meds you have (I was given Emend which was amazing!) Have you been told about a flu jab? maybe not this time of year but later in your cycle it's worth it.

I cold capped and think that was one of the worse bits as made my day much longer. (also have a strong aversion to ice lollies now) I have to say no's 4 and 5 were tough, but you keep going, your months become 3 week ones. My fifth one was over Christmas and luckily the third week was xmas week. I still managed to enjoy (had a glass of prosecco which is still the best drink I've ever had lol). Being able to enjoy was like sticking two fingers up to the rubbishness of it all!

The third week, for me was mostly good, I usually felt OK and tried to do nice things, normal things, meet friends for coffee, or do something for me.. I went to netball training, took it easy but it made me feel alive...

Even though I cold capped I lost lots of hair and for me (and my 10 year old son) that was one of the worst bits. I wore lots of hats and think most people had no idea what I was going through which was good for me, but you have to do what's right for you.

Macmillan's website have a forum and there's a monthly chemo starter thread which is helpful as people are at the same stage as you so you can get advice and tips there also.

All I can add is good luck, hope it goes smoothly for you, and mostly look after yourself...

atb and hugs,

Nix x


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