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Just had a double mastectomy


I had a double mastectomy on Tuesday. Came home next day. My amazing husband has make sure that I stay ahead of the pain. I was send home with a pain blocker and I will keep it until tomorrow. I am curious about what to expect. Has anyone else experience this? How was the pain after the port was removed?

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Hi Grisol, no didn't have a pain blocker just had ibuprofen and paracetamol and a supply when I came home (had my mastectomies at different times though)... am intrigued through, what kind of port? do you mean the drains? I had great relief when mine were taken out ☺️..

Hope you're recovering well...


Nix x

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They put a nerve block around my breast area. I came home with "fanny pack" that holds a medicine ball. It is supposed to be empty by tomorrow.

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Wow that sounds amazing, my consultant used a large dose of gabapentin whilst I was under, which helps with the nerve pain after surgery apparently. Haven't heard of that option though. Hopefully when it runs out the pain will be manageable with pain meds :)

Nix x

My pills were longer lasting than my drip! I stopped using anything stronger than paracetamol after about a week. This is just how I felt, and am thankful for my continued recovery! Rest! Accept all of your husband's help- I think I mopped my floors four days after coming home but I don't recommend that at all!! Feel better!!x



To be honest the pain is not unbearable. You will most likely have a very numbed area. Be brave, Do all the exercises you are advised to do or you will lose the use of your arm muscles. Generally everything is good. Wishing you all the best always xxxx

Glad your on the mend, as Lainey66 says "start your exercises as soon as your told too, they really help"

I had a single mastectomy,with drains,and the pain relief I had was paracetamol and Ibuprofen,didn't need much of either,take care.xx and good luck.

I didn't have a pain block, I had strong painkillers for a few days at the hospital but then managed with a combination of ibuprofen and paracetamol. I recommend you get a stock in, so you have plenty available good luck.

Hi, I had a single mastectomy with immediate reconstruction using the LD Flap, my surgeon also used a pain block.! By the time it came out the pain was more than manageable using ibuprofen and paracetamol, I also took a codeine tablet at night.

Wishing you a speedy recovery

Sandy xx

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