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Tamoxifen and Prozac - a review

If I remember correctly a few months ago there was a discussion regarding Prozac and tamoxifen not working together, as I'm on both, I think at the time I tried to find out if it was worth changing one or the other, at the time it was a case of stay as I am. Forward wind to an hour ago, phone call from GP, there's a slight chance they may cause me a problem so I'm off to see her next Tuesday for a meds review

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Prozac can interact with tamoxifen and reduce it's action. Most GPS are not really aware of this as it is not mentioned much in Eduvation, and they will have few patients requiring both. A good drug to be on is venlafaxine, if helps anxiety, depression and a lot of menopausal symptoms that tamoxifen causes. I would ask to be changed. If your Gp goggles antidepressants and tamoxifen there is a list there of which are ok and which should be avoided

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