Hi I'm new to this site -

I found out I had breast cancer last year April 2016

I had a LD flap mastectomy with reconstruction-

But unfortunately it failed I was also diagnosed with Dermatomyositis and my body rejected the implant and it was removed as they couldn't control the infection about a week or so after

Has anyone else on here had Dm and breast cancer ?

I'm just concerned now as I've had lumps in my one breast I've got left and they scan me and say it's just lumpy breast tissue - but I wish they had just taken both breasts off together ! I lie awake on a night and I can feel the lumps .

I go back next month I think to take about reconstruction again!


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  • Welcome to our exclusive little club that no one wants to be in. I'm unable to offer any advice on recon as I had lumpectomies, with regard having your 'good' breast removed I feel that's a decision you and your medical team need to discuss, although I'm sure someone else on this forum has had to resolve this issue and can offer better advice than I can xxxx

  • Thanks Jenny

    Hope your doing ok now .

    I seem to be joining many a club I didn't wish to join just recently !

    But I keep trying to tell myself on a daily basis - least I'm here 😊xxx

  • I don't know what that dermatomysotis is but I had cancer in one breast and chose to remove both. It brought the percentage of reoccurrence down so much more for me that I didn't even give it a second thought. I tried immediate reconstruction but I got a staph infection and they both came out. I am almost finished with the second attempt at reconstruction. Honestly the last few weeks I am wondering if I would have been better off flat. My back and neck are starting to hurt again and I am wondering if it's the added weight. Good luck with everything.

  • Hi

    Dermatomyositis is a immune condition mine came with the cancer .

    I wasn't given the option of removing both and have asked since ... I would rather just have both removed and start again.

    Sorry you have a infection, like I said I did too - was blooming awful .

    So have you had both reconstructed now? Wonder why your having pain?

  • Well pain in my back and neck prior to my cancer led me to a plastic surgeon for a breast reduction. The mammogram required before surgery is how my cancer was found. The back and neck pain had gone away after the mastectomy. We are not sure if the expansion has anything to do with the pain coming back. I do have fibromyalgia and some disk degeneration in my back.

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