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Radiotherapy at Mount Vernon



1st post ! Having planning CT scan at Mt. V. this Thur. Does anyone know how long before radiotherapy starts after scan? Tks and hugs

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Hi I had my radiotherapy in 2014 and if I remember correctly I had about ten days between CT scan and treatment starting. I'll also make you aware, as I had to deal with this, if you've had total node clearance in either or both arms they may get very stiff during your treatment, if it happens keep it moving as much as possible, when my treatment ended and I visited my BCN she referred me for physio and gradually, over time, I regained full movement, good luck x

Thank you - nodes were clear but I had surgery on the shoulder same side as radiotherapy is going to take place and its still sore/stiff nearly 9 months later - fun times ahead I think (not) !!

Hi there I have my planning appt next Monday May 8th and my first treatment is May 25th.......but then we are away 16 & 17 so couldn't start before then.......hope this helps. All the best xx


Mine started about 10 days after my CT scan.

Hope everything goes okay for you.

Louise 😘xx

Thank you both - totally overwhelmed with everything at the moment - still quite cant believe its happened to me ! - mine was detected from breast screen recall

Diane aka iknitandstitch

I found mine - didn't do anything about it for about 3 months as I just thought it was the start of the menopause and I was just a bit lumpy if you know what I mean. Anyway from going to my Docs the second week of September, my op was 4th Oct and had finished radiotherapy by the end of November.

It was a whirlwind of appointments and it is all still a bit of a blur 😘xxx

Couldn't feel mine only showed up on mammogram and ultrasound which all started Feb. 23rd op March 29th - do they tell you when you have CT scan when the radiotherapy will commence ?- I am dreading tomorrow - cant stop bursting into tears !!

After my CT scan I had an appointment straight after to have a Radiotherapy review - they went over all of the possible side effects I may have and I then had to sign to say I agreed to having the treatment. They asked me if there was a preferable time of day I would like my treatment - and they would try to fit me around that time - my oncology unit started at 7 in the morning so I asked for an early appointment - my app's ranged from between 8 and 9 the majority being at 8 as I wanted to get it out of the way each day. My appointment schedule came through a couple of days later.

Please try not to worry - it is all quite straight forward and you do sometimes feel like you are on an unstoppable conveyor belt. I was very nervous of the unknown - but all the staff were wonderful they always greeted me with a smile and asked how I was each day. You end up on first name terms with them as it is mostly the same faces you see each day.

What really amazed me was how many other people there were all being treated for various cancers - it was like being in a little club each day as the same faces were there, and we chatted and shared our stories. My husband who went with me for every appointment was present for each review which was at the end of each week which helped as there were things he thought to ask that I didn't.

Do you have someone going with you as it does help. Ask as many questions as you need to - they were very good in my once unit.

It is very daunting and your emotions are all over the place - but try to stay strong. I drank plenty of water and took my little 'c' shaped cushion with me, also wore cotton t shirts as towards the end your skin can easily irritate and be hot. I also used aloe Vera gel to moisturise my skin which was very soothing. They did give me hydrocortisone cream but I didn't need it. I did feel out of sorts during and after my treatment - but nothing too bad.

Keep in touch and let me know how you get on.

Sending love and hugs Louise

PS hope some of this helps

Thank you Louise .... I do have a couple of friends that will be helping with taking me 2/3 times a weeks and hopefully my son shift work patterns permitting - altho I dont live that far from Mt.Vernon - and 1 friend has been with me to all but 1 appt. so far as you say its the unknown which is daunting... is a 'c' shaped cushion like a neck one and if not too personal where did you put it ?! lol I have sensitive skin anyway - the dressing after op. irritated my skin - for a good 2 weeks after - got some E45 unperfumed it was on offer in Boots - will slap that on and hope it helps if not will try other suggestions ... got loads pure cotton t-shirts and soft cotton bra's - ASDA of all places £8 for 2 ..

tks again for taking time to share - Diane

Hi Diane

The Macmillan Nurse at the hospital gave me my cushion and yes it is like a neck cushion. You pop it under your arm and stops friction between your arm and torso - used it to and from the hospital and was definitely useful. I got my cotton bras from Tesco for around the same price as your Asda ones.

My oncology unit was Lincoln County Hospital and they were lovely - they made a horrible situation bearable.

Both my Mum and cousin have had BC and had the same treatment as me so I was lucky to have them to ask all my questions - so please don't hesitate to ask if you are unsure of anything.

Louise 😘xx

tku so much - my best friends daughter in law works at the local hospice at Mt. Vernon she has offered to help when she is there so that will be a comfort... off to bed not sleeping well but that is the norm for me nothing to do with all this thats going on - CT appt. is 2pm tomorrow after my Dr. in morning as my BP is playing up but she is good about it ... I also have to have a bone density scan - have osteo arthritis and the pills they give you afterwards may have to be adjusted !! thats the 17th...

tku again - Diane

Anytime - all the best for tomorrow 😘xxx


Was in and out hospital in an hour for bot CT and planning - have the dates I start for 15 sessions on 18th May and they have a group session on 16th in which they explain everything show you around so you know what is going to happen - it's only for ladies with breast cancer - somehow I just feel a lot calmer

Tks and hugs Diane😀😉☺

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