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Chemotherapy treatments 4, 5 and 6

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I am feeling good about my 6th and final treatment tomorrow, cant help but feel very excited! Even thought there are the side effects to deal with, themselves compupounded but still hope the positivity I'm feeling will help!

It was when I r ceived chemo number 4 that I started to feel positive and see light at the end of the tunnel as I was - just - over half way and knew I'd broken the back of it / chemo. Yes big gcsf pain but not for long and massive bruise but nothing worse.

Chemo number 5 brought an increase in lethargy but gave my positivity a great boost! Especially when I kept singing 'Chemo number 5' to 'Mambo number 5' and adding my own lyrics! (Let me know if you want me to share....😳🀣🎢🎡).

So tomorrow! I'm aware side effects can be compounded and am as ready as I can be, but the excitement is bigger than the anticipation of increased side effects!

I hope this has value for people earlier on in their treatment plans. I struggled to see ahead for a long time since my diagnosis yet here I am! It does pass.

Next, radiotherapy!! Bring it on I say πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈπŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈπŸ₯ŠπŸ₯Š.


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You Go Girl! Fantastic news that you are getting to the end. I wish you complete and full good health and happiness for the future. Your positive attitude will work a treat. Sending hugs. Lainey xxx

Debster2016 in reply to Lainey66

Thanks Lainey66. It does feel good to be in good spirits!πŸ’ƒπŸ‘―.

I have some of you blog, it is really helpful thank you 😊



Good Luck πŸ€ for tomorrow Debbie, almost there! Take Care, Love Angela πŸ˜˜πŸ’

Debster2016 in reply to Hidden

Many thanks Angela you have been so kind 😌. Am hilariously still awake! thanks to the steroids. Off to write tomorrow's shopping list! 😁.

Love Debbie xx

Loving the spirit that jumps out at you on reading this post. I remember the feeling well of coming up to the final chemo, the final furlong, the last few have really taken it out of you but then you glimpse the winning post and the sheer relief and elation will carry you alone. Hope the steroids let you sleep some time, haha they were the worst bit for me, I felt like a disgruntled neighbour when I was on them, having to listen to inane conversation! I should have written some of it down, I could have had a comedy series!

Best wishes for tomorrow x

Lovely news to read, although I didn't have chemo, I had 15 sessions of radiotherapy and I did the first 7 sessions climbing a mountain, session 8 sitting on top of mountain with loads of alcohol, chocolate and cream cakes (none of which I do in real life) and the last 7 sessions were coming back down the mountain x

Dear Debbie, just what I needed to hear today, I got the date for my first chemo yesterday, 12th May, after what seems such a long wait, 9 weeks post surgery, I feel scared but pleased to move onto next stage. Did you lose your hair and when, what did you all do for head covering, I am going to have a wig but wanted to use scarves as well and all the ones in the catalogues look so fussy?

Hidden in reply to Linkj

Hi Linki

I'm sure Debbie will reply later;

I agree the some of the scarves do look quite fussy, I checked through my own scarves first, you need to use cotton or jersey as silky ones slip. I bought some little cotton beanie type hats, to wear when I went to bed (l was never wearing it in a morning!) & also under the scarves, it helped them grip. I bought a few head bands from Clare's Accessories to jazz the plain beanies up when I didn't want a scarf as well, I always wore my wig when I went out except for my second Chemo as my head was a bit sore.

My Oncologist told me I'd lose my hair between days 15-17 following 1st Chemo & l did, right on cue on my 60th Birthday! I'd already bought my wig so was good to go & I loved it, I actually still do, although it's a new one now.

Very Best Wishes for your treatment, there's loads of support & help on here.

Mrs N x

Berylynn in reply to Linkj

Hair fall from around day 12 first chemo, EC. Scarves are best then. Like a sponge all my clothes, cardigans, sucked up hair...wash them its still there. Its worse than cat or dog it gets everywhere. It falls in food and drink hence the scarf but even that can feel too hot. The wig works better when head isnt so itchy, though I came home from short local shopping trip this week dripping from sweat with wig hair wet, and its not summer yet and wig had thin lace back. I still havent reached bald but wig hairdresser gave it a 5cm cut...very little fell since...bald looks better but itch went soon, it has even grown but lab rat thickness full of pink patches. Not a pretty sight! There are nice wigs but also in a range of quality...its pot luck on the net.

Debster2016 in reply to Linkj

Hi Linkj Mrs. Nails ls has given some great pointers with scarves, I haven't got any to comment on.

But it was her suggestion that I get a wig before chemo began so was ready to go when the hair went, which I did.

My hair - by now a grade 3 - started to depart the arena after week 1 but I've got to be honest I was tugging a it to see if it was coming out so avoided the shower for a week! Sure enough it came out in my hands at the next shower a week later so I avoided the shower for a couple of weeks! During which time my hair went streaky at the back from my pillow. One morning there was a birds nest on my pillow! So I wore a soft beanie bought from website at night. I did get a prickly feeling on the top of me skull for a couple of weeks, in the evening / at night but it wasn't unbearable. At about week 3 I asked my husband to take it even shorter, he used his clippers wth no guard and I started wearing my syrup. It took 5 weeks altogether to lose all that I was going to lose, cos not all of it has gone!

I believe, here at chemo no 6 that what's stayed with me has grown, as I see a bit of bum fluff on my skull! Am I dreaming? πŸ€”Could be but it is fun to imagine πŸ™ƒ. I also have some incredibly smooth patches and an odd patchy dark patch at the back on top! 🀣. Gosh it's nice to,have a laugh!

Btw as the first fec (chemo) started to flow I shed a couple of tears of relief that it had started. I thought I might do the same at the final one but was just too excited after all πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘. Wishing you manageable treatments, a happy wig and some colourful head ware.


Linkj in reply to Debster2016

Thank you all of you for your support and advice which has been wonderful, Debster, well done, you have got to 6 and give hope to the rest of us, have you got to have radiotherapy now? Whatever have a month to enjoy life, the sun is shine and the year is moving into summer x

shady3 in reply to Debster2016

Hi Debster, Just read your post and it made me feel so much better. I had my first chemo yesterday, 1st of six. I was really glad to get started because I finally have the beginning so the end is actually in sight, although it will be August. I had surgery on March !st I opted to have a mastectomy instead of just a lumpectomy as it improved odds some and also didn't have to do radiation. Had three lymph nodes taken out. Found a little spot on one . Others were clear. I am 79 yrs old and so far am handling everthing well. Staying upbeat as long as I can. I know it will probably get harder now , but hopefully I am strong enough to handle anything that comes.I know that there are so many out there who are suffering worse than I am and I bleed for all of you. I have learned so many thing that I didn't realize before, I guess that happens to all of us. I wish the best for every one of you and pray that things work out as well as possible. I have wonderful doctors and they all work together finding the right path for me. It means a lot to have so much confidence in their willingness to take such good care of me. Shady3

PennyHopes in reply to shady3

Hi Shady3! I too had a double mastectomy on March 1st and lymph node removal on the 28th of March, mine came back clear and I have appointment with the oncologist on May 8th- I'm hoping for a treatment plan like yours because the idea of radiation therapy with my chest expanders in will move everything further back!! Thank you for the inspiration X


A point in the near future for me, 4 starts after the bank holiday. If these go as well as the first three it might be ok. Side affects so far manageable. New...Double steroids for a diabetic is a nightmare... hope my extra new insulin works. I am beginning to hate seems the only safe thing to eat with hypos up to 27 on blood sugar, I dread further rises. I cant wait to eat normally, think and see clearly, and sleep better. Chemo seems more pushed into the background I am forever monitoring sugar. Good luck on the next part. The machines were breaking down and waits can be long those days...but in the 25 year gap, they may have improved.

Debster2016 in reply to Berylynn

Thanks Berylynn. I too look forward to eating normally, and seeing clearly again. Luckily I love veg and have managed to mix and match enough not to get bored incl cucumber, carrots, red cabbage, peppers, all raw and salad leaves with cubes of cheese. Am now munching grilled tomatoes!

I found the double steroids doable tho stimulating. I actually bought a pair of cheap reading glasses so I can read in the evening and in the night, I'll go get another eye test soon after chemo ends. It does happen!

All the best πŸ˜ŒπŸ™

Berylynn in reply to Debster2016

You can forget 5 portions a day...average chemo days is nearer 25. Have a few treats for low blood sugar days teasing me as these days are now not happening, even in week three.

Keep up your positive attitude. It definitely helps you get through it. All the best for your radiotherapy - it sounds as though you will sail through it xx

I get it! I celebrated my last one the day before Christmas year before last, and what a wonderful present it was to be DONE! Also did RT, but it's wonderful to see you're getting to the end of it. NED since!

Hi Debbie

That's really good news - a big πŸ‘for feeling so positive too.

The RT will be a doddle for you after getting through the chemo. How many treatments are you having? I felt quite sad at the end of my treatment - you meet some really lovely people along the way all with their own stories - at my last treatment I felt really emotional as I said bye to them all.

Sending love and hugs πŸ€— Louise😘xxx

Hi debbie,

Well done good on you best of luck with rest of your treatment πŸ’–

Love your attitude, and good luck for tomorrow, I hope all goes well.xx

I have just had my 4th chemo cycle and know just what you mean, it feels great to have broken the half way mark. My mid cycle MRI after 3 cycles of FEC showed Positive improvement to my breast tumour so feeling I am making good progress. Not feeling too bad after 4th cycle , first of the T chemo, but I know the side effects will kick in soon and compound but feel ready to cope. Well done for your achievements so far and keeping positive. May your journey bring you good health and renewed enjoyment. Take care. xx

First of all~Conratz to everyone on this thread! Ya'll are WARRIORS! However, I do have questions & concerns as my profile/diagnosis is under g12121212. GEEZ~ I feel like I'm one of the few that have such a case of severity & yet, I feel blessed for all that I don't have. Just wondering if anyone has experienced poor(er) vision after chemo? I am going on 6 months. Having 3 more treatments left before surgery. I finally feel completely drained, can't see as good, can't taste much & don't care to move much. Limbido~ well? Who cares at this point. Except my poor husband & he too, is very understanding of this matter. However, I get on that treadmill moving at a wicked 1.6 MPH & move forward. I am loosing my big toenail & just want to rip it off. It's hanging by a thread. Won't dare though. But, this is all so do-able & not complaining a bit. My fingernails are covered (by my self pampered colors to cover) up the white quick that is running down into the moon area. Neuropathy is finally catching up. That kinda does suck a tad. SO: After Red Devil (2 months) and 4 months of Taxol & Carboplatin, I feel totally blessed that it is until now~ that I feel such reactions. Not to mention, I had to have a tooth pulled last week. It was an abscessed & needed to go like the rest of this funk! So, I opt to trade out my chemo for a tooth extraction. So far, smart move! (10 days of being on amoxicillon) FYI: You can not be on Amoxicillin & Chemo at the same time. So, if a week is all that I sacrificed, again, I count my blessings. Anything else from this point, I'm simply going to ignore! NOT! Excited that I have only 3 more Chemos to go! YIPPIES! Looking forward to surgery in Aug/18, soon & yet not soon enough. So: Wondering if anyone else has experienced these wonderful side effects?

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