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I am half way through my chemo cycles and having tests this week to check my progress. I had an MRI yesterday and it all went well with the help of lorazepam to keep me calm. The only hiccup was inserting the cannula needle for the contrast dye, I have been having increasing problems with my poor veins not being good enough, even using a baby needle. It took four attempts yesterday prior to my MRI and is was quite distressing. I have an appointment today for an assessment for a PICC line to be inserted prior to my next chemo cycle next week. I have pondered over this decision since my last chemo cycle and hospital admission for infection. Yesterday's experience has convinced me it is the way forward. Can anyone give me advice regarding the PICC line ?

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  • Hi, well done for getting through the MRI, i can't advice on a picc line but can on a portacath, hopefully someone will come on and advise about them .

    I also have pants veins and knew before chemo started I needed to have either a picc line or portacath. I chose to have a portacath as I wanted to continue to play netball and try and be as active as possible which I didn't think I would be able to with a picc line.

    It was straightforward to have, had a general and it was inserted above my right breast between my collar bone and the top swell. It was a god send for me, was so quick having the chemo drips set up and I didn't worry about the chemo damaging the small veins I already had. I have another scar which is more visible but is worth that as was one less thing to worry about!

    Either will do that and hopefully take the distress away for you like it did for me...

    good luck


    Nix x

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