Back from Our Trip!

Well, we're back from our travels, an interesting & educational trip with Busan, South Korea being my favourite place.

I also have an autoimmune condition so I split my steroid dose to try to improve the stiffness in my muscles as some mornings I had my alarm set for 5am so l could 'come around' at my own pace & still be in the Theatre at 7am to join our tour! We have seen many Beautiful Temples, Buddha's, Gardens & the memorable Fish Market in Busan and l managed to get myself interviewed for South Korean TV 😂 you can't take me anywhere!

Off to see my lovely Oncologist on Monday, so hope all's well there & then time to see a Physio re my knees, worn joints & knee caps, l think the Taxol had the final say there!

Hope everyone is doing OK?

Mrs N x

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  • Hi Mrs Nails, nice to see you back safe and well after enjoying what sounds like a fantastic holiday, one question, why were you interviewed for TV, just curious to know, best wishes for your oncology appt x

  • Hi Jennymary

    It was a Maiden Port of Call for QM2 in Busan, so it was being covered by the Press & TV

    They joined our Tours around the city & one of the Journalists asked me a few questions then asked if he could interview me, I agreed & then it was Lights, Camera, Action! And, it turned out to be my favourite Port of Call!

    Hope you're doing well?

    Angela x

  • Glad you had a good time Angela. Take care 😊

  • Thanks Chris, hope you're doing OK? xx

  • Sounds like an amazing time, good luck for

  • Thank You x

  • Hello Mrs N it's lovely to have you back and it sounds like a fantastic time was had. I'd love to go and see what you saw, I do love a temple or two!

    Good luck Monday xxx 🌹

  • Thanks Debs

    Hope you're doing OK?

    Angela x

  • Welcome home Mrs Nails, sounds like you had a wonderful time. Good luck with your appointment. Take care. xx

  • Thanks xx

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