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Bad anxiety

Hi I was diagnosed in Dec 16.coped with surgery-small lump removed not spread to lymph nodes. Had radio and now on letrozole. No probs with anything but the letrozole has made me very anxious! People tell me I'm lucky as no mastectomy or chemo, and on the face of it I'm much better off than others. I find mindfulness and qigong practice very good but my anxiety levels very high in morning. Has any one else had anxiety after taking letrozole? Thanks

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Dear Karen, I am on Letrozole and find I get anxious particularly in the morning and also find I cannot cope with any kind of problems even minor ones. I also get very tired in the afternoons and my joints ache. My consultant has taken me off for a month to see if my symptoms dissipate. Halfway through and feel less anxious. May change to tamoxifen.


Thanks. Only taken it for 12 days so hoping it will ease off! Find I am better in afternoon, usually take it at 9am.


I have been advised by my doctor and other bc sufferers that the best time is 10.00pm

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Thanks, might try that, hope it doesn't disturb my sleep though as I usually sleep through the night !


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