Hi All, My name is Donna and I'm 42 yrs old. This is the first I've posted on here. I have found an indentation on my left breast under the nipple, it only appears when I raise my arms. Some days it is more obvious than other days but it is definitely there. I have an appointment at the breast clinic on Tuesday. Sometimes I panic and think it's something terrible then other days (when it's not as visible) I think maybe it's just a stretch mark and I'll be wasting there time. Has anyone any similar experiences please? Many thanks x

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  • Hi DonnaMarieL!

    I really don't want to be the bearer of anything worrisome but my tumor started like just a small indent under my right nipple & my breast skin " puckered" when I lifted up my arms- 6 weeks later, I'm post double mastectomy, node removal and since my nodes came back clear I'm probably looking at 5 years on Tamoxifen- but that is just the plan for what happened to me - but it all started when I said to my husband " Look honey! It looks like someone stapled my nipple from the inside " 😢 I pray that this is NOT the case for you because I ignored my symptoms for a while cause no one in my family has cancer so I thought I was just experiencing something that would go away ... My heart & soul prays you have a positive appointment on Tuesday!

    Pennyhopes X

  • Thank you Pennyhopes for your reply. I'll be glad to get the appointment over with. Fortunately I can't see any issue with the nipple but the gp did comment that she thought there was a slight thickening of the skin under the nipple which concerns me. I keep looking in the mirror for any changes....a bit obsessed now! :/

    I'm sorry to hear what you have gone through, may I ask why you needed a double mastectomy? Sending you good health wishes x

  • I probably only "needed" a single mastectomy but for peace of mind - I have the invasive ductal type of tumor .... the word invasive just set my mind to "chop anything that could get a tumor off"!! My second reason was vanity- this disease kinda give you parameters of what you think you can handle your body looking like and after ALL of medical stuff is done- I wanted a version of what I had... I'm in the States so we have a little more choice about surgery- I think 😀

  • Ok thanks for sharing. Take care x

  • I can't offer anything as mine was totally different , but the main thing is you are seeing someone .. Good luck xxx

  • Thank you x

  • Hi Donna sorry to say your symptoms sound very like mine and it did turn out to be grade 3 cancer but it was caught early and after wide local excision with clear margins and radio therapy followed by tamoxifen I,m 10 years cancer free .Stay positive there are lots of lovely wonderful strong ladies on here that will give their experiences and advice i wish i,d found it sooner.I hope yours is a happy result but if not you will come through it ! Wishing you all the good things🍀xxx

  • Thank you Janny1306 for your reply. I will let everyone knows how the appointment goes tomorrow. Sending you good health wishes x

  • Hello , just to say that you will find most people on here have been diagnosed with breast cancer , the biggest number of people who go to the breast clinic get good news so wouldn't necessarily continue on here , so don't take it that replies from people with breast cancer are representative of everyone with your symptoms., hopefully you will be in the good news bracket. Having said all that , you need to think that if there is something sinister there you are now in the process to deal with it, and you will find lots of support and help here.

    Very best wishes jo x

  • Thank you Jo I needed to hear that as was starting to panic more. Like you said most people do get positive results at the clinic but they would not necessarily be writing on here.

    Having said that I very much appreciate everyones input. Thank you ladies x

  • Glad you are seeing someone to check it out, but just to reassure you my breast I have left does that when I raise my arm, I have had it checked out, I am a bit older than you 54, but just under my nipple it does sag in when I raise my arms, when I had my check up last year he did a ultrasound as well as a mammogram to reassure me, I had the other boob removed in 2015 with breast cancer. Good luck xx

  • Thank you that is reassuring. I did wonder if it could be like a stretch mark or something and some days it seems more obvious than other days but it is definitely there and it's something new. I went to show my hubby and as soon as I raised my arm, he said "yes I can see it" I didn't need to point it out. On the plus side the GP didn't seem overly worried, she just said she would refer me for piece of mind. X

  • It's good you have an appointment at the bc clinic to be checked out. My GP's original appointment she said she thought it was fatty tissue and did not persue. Fortunately I had already received a routine mammogram appointment for 2 weeks later and my bc was found. But as already said, this does not mean it is bc. My mother had inverted nipples for years without any problems until she was 78 when she had a mastectomy. She is still with us at 95 without any further problems

    Hope it is good news on Tuesday xx

  • Thank you, good job you had the routine mammogram! The first gp I saw said to come back in 6 wks, when I said that I was not happy with that and would worry she said "oh come back in 3 wks then!" My mum and hubby made me book another appointment with a different gp the next day. She agreed it was best to get it checked but she was not too worried. I've waited 3 wks for appointment so not too bad . Fingers crossed.

    Wow, your mum sounds like a strong lady x

  • I always follow up all my apointnents now if they haven't arrived by the expected date as time is precious xx

  • Hi Donna Marie

    There is no way to be certain without a thorough check-up. Good for you for going!!!! Be proactive!

    I had an indented L nipple and when I went for a mammogram it was indeed cause for concern. But even if there is something there, it doesn't mean it's cancer! The important thing is to get it thoroughly checked out and know for sure! You're doing that!

    God will give you strength for each step of the way. One day at a time, just that!

    Please keep us posted!

    Carla in New Hampshire


  • Hi Donna Marie

    I didn't have an indent but found a lump but at the time I wasn't sure if it was a lump or not as I have always had lumpy bits from time to time, so wasn't duly worried. But I had this niggle at the back of my mind to get it checked out. and I am so pleased I did, as it did turn out to be cancer. Luckily it was caught early and I had a lumpectomy, with two sentinel nodes removed.

    As the other ladies have said, at least you are going to have it checked out, and fingers crossed the news will be good.

    Wishing you all the best.

    Louise xx

  • ***Update ***

    Hi all, many thanks for your support over the last few days. I have been for my appointment this morning at the breast clinic. After a mammogram and ultrasound scan I am pleased to let you know that it was all clear. I was so nervous! Apparently the changes are due to to my age.

    Such a relief. My head is pounding now as I'd got so worked up beforehand.

    Sending you all good health wishes and once again. ..thank you. Take care ladies xx

  • Glad to hear your good news Donna Marie you must be so relieved 😊

  • Yes very relieved. Many thanks to you all for your support x

  • very happy for your diagnosis :-) x

  • Thank you. X

  • That's great news x

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