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Bra Progress!

Hello ladies sincerely hope you've had the same good sunshine this week!

Here's a good update. Last Wednesday at 17 weeks post mastectomy, I was able to wear my 'normal', wired pre surgery bra with prosthesis, all day! I had the bra extender on to help with the lymph fluid still below my armpit but the lymph fluid in my upper arm has reduced enough so there was no discomfort! I'm also using the sleeve of my comfie and inserting prosthesis into it to stop it sticking to chest.

So so pleased! At last!! Fluid did come back a bit, I measure it as how much of a brick I feel under my arm so this, smallest amount of fluid I've got at 1/8 of a brick.

Still using comfie if I feel like it.

Nicola Jane sell prosthesis covers and bra extenders. I think they also sell pockets to sew into normal bras......

Hope this helps bring some positivity! Sending peace and big hugs to all who need it 🙏🤗🌹xxx

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