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2nd cycle FEC

I had my second cycle of FEC two weeks ago and all has not been well. I was totally wiped out following the chemo and couldn't eat anything and foolishly didn't drink enough. This caused me terrible mouth problems which eventually led to a throat infection. My temperature spiked and I had to go to hospital for IV antibiotics and painkillers. I am only just now feeling half normal again just a dry cough after losing my voice. I am concerned that my next cycle # 3 due next Wednesday will be delayed, it's booked for two day earlier due to Good Friday. I have my fingers crossed that all will be well with my bloods on Tuesday and the chemo can go ahead as I have a very important Navy Passing out parade for my youngest son on the 28th and want to feel well enough to attend and enjoy the event.

I have learnt my lesson regarding drinking enough next time to hopefully prevent this happening again, but wondered if anyone has any tips to help with this as everything I try tastes dreadful both hot and cold. I have been using the prescribed mouth wash and regular oral hygiene but nothing helps.

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Hi Dolbycat. Gosh that sounds difficult, poor you! Glad to hear your on the mend now.

I have a post it on my kitchen side and next to it I put a glass of water. In the morning I write the number 1 on the post it. Every time I empty the glass I score thro the number and write down the next number. This really helps me keep track of water consumption. I'm prob a bit OCD about it as I drink between 2-3 litres a day.

I don't have experience of delayed chemo but there was a recent post where a few ladies shared their experiences of it and it seems to be the right thing to do if your medical team propose this as they are working in your best interests. And it didn't seem to have an adverse affect. The team can also work with important dates as keeping you happy can help with your healing.

Apparently a chunk of pineapple prior to eating anything can help, Lainey66 did this and it helped (she may have more detail on this). I found ginger ale to be pleasant to drink and recently oxo cube and got water.

Hope there's something of value for you here.

All the best Deb 🌹


Thanks Debster this is encouraging to hear. I will try the pineapple, as willing to try anything to get some quality taste. The ginger ale sounds good too, anything not too sweet or bland, this might be a winner for me. Also it's a good idea to keep track of fluid intake so keeping score would help me too. I have learnt the hard way of the consequences of becoming dehydrated and won't be making that mistake again.

My last chemo was pushed back, so I know it's for my own good if it happens again, just so keen to get this chemo finished. I feel much better today and hope to have good health show in my bloods on Tuesday. If it is delayed I will just have to accept the decision of my Oncologist and push on to keep positive.

Thanks for your help. I hope you are keeping well and wish you good health.



Don't worry about the delay. It is for your own good. I think a lot of people have to have a delay at some point. The pineapple is good - also pineapple juice. I don't think I would have been able to eat meringue or peanuts as my mouth was too dry and sore. I needed good with gravy/sauces red and had to spice them up to help the taste. We are all different but drinking is the most important thing on the menu to flush out the system and keep it clean.

I do hope you make the passing out parade but do mention it at your next appointment. Best wishes for the rest of your journey xx


Thanks Chrissie I am trying the pineapple juice today. So far so good. I am willing to give anything a try to get the taste. I will see how my appointment goes and if there is a delay I can work around it. I have been looking forward to the event for the last 3 months and my team know it's important to my family. Thanks for the advice it really helps especially drinking to flush out the system . Best wishes for your heath and recovery. X



I had problems when I had FEC aswell. The nurses recommended a tub of small meringues (plain and/or strawberry flavour) to munch on to freshen my taste buds and try to clear the awful taste in my mouth. They worked and the sugar also gave me a bit of a boost as I had chronic fatigue during the chemo, radiotherapy and into my Herceptin cycle.

Another tip they gave me was to munch on some dry roasted peanuts. These also gave me some respite from the taste of chemo and were a nice alternative to the meringues.

I wish you well with your journey

S xx

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Thank you Sarah. I will give these suggestions a try they will make a nice change to have something to combat the lingering awful taste. I am not sure if its the FEC or the injections I have for 5 days following the chemo that are causing me problems. I only have 1 more cycle of FEC then have 3 cycles of Docetaxel (Taxotere). Not sure how I will react to that just have to wait and see. I can't have the herceptin as I am triple negative inflammatory breast cancer. I will have surgery next, mastectomy and lymph clearance followed by month of radiotherapy. I am keeping positive but trying to overcome the side effects. Thanks for your help. Best wishes on your journey to health. X


I was really thirsty after each FEC session and found tonic water and fruit teas were the easiest to drink. Also often sucked polos and boiled sweets to try to take the horrid taste away. Stay positive-it really helps!!


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