Knitted Knockers

Ladies there's a fab article with video on the BBC website about Knitted Knockers, I didn't realise that you could get them by post.. but you can!

Have ordered some, the order form is simple they also do swimming ones which sound marvellous. You can even request to have nipples lol

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  • Wouldn't they be terribly hot? What a wonderful lady and love the name though

  • As Debs says imagine they shouldn't be, definitely less cumbersome than the prosthetic ones that look very heavy.

    I have softies which I've used since mx in August 15. Had a preventative right hand mx in November (all inflated now). Annoyingly my original expander ruptured so was replaced in Feb therefore am still uneven until the left side catches up again! They were helpful, I asked for an extra one to replace the bigger one once expansions were noticeable they said fine and are sending me 3.

    The softies don't make me hot, can't feel them really but like the look of the knitted ones, shape wise so thought I'd give them a go 😊 will let you know how I get on x

  • Dear Nixh thanks for your reply, I have been fitted early with my prosthetic, just over 2 weeks post mx as I have an important professional event at the weekend and just felt so lacking in confidence to stand up in front of lots of people, bless my kind bcc. With my cheap £8 Sainsbury crop top I feel quite good, more comfortable than with softie. Best wishes for future treatment x

  • Glad you find the prosthetic comfortable, I did not so the softies have been marvellous for me so am curious to how the knitted Knockers compare. Clothed I look no different than before which I suppose is our ultimate goal after getting rid of this rubbish disease!

    Good luck with your event this weekend and your future treatment x

  • They are way cooler than the prosthesis I have 'progressed' to. Not hot at all.

  • I saw the article on the news some time ago about them, they are meant to be so much better than heavy ones you normally get on NHS, apparently they are light and have a cotton outer I think so not hot, i have an implant so don't need, but my cousin has just had double mx so will recommend them to her.

  • Is a lovely thing and definitely preferable to the prostheses! They replied really quickly as well, hope your cousin is recovering well x

  • Best thing i ever did ordering a knitted knocker.not at all hot forget its there.ordering is quick n easy.

  • I think I am going to have to order one, thanks for all the advice x

  • What a wonderful idea!

  • I have them. They are brilliant. I also have the swimming one. It's great it dries really quickly.

  • They even come with a personal note from the person who knitted them friend had one and the person who made it lived just up the road and hand delivered it ..very pleased ..I even went to a charity event at Christmas and funds were being donated to them ..they had even knitted little knockers to hang on a Christmas tree with as little chocolate in ...obvs they were not knockers ..raised more money if anyone sees an event for them please support them as they support us ..

  • I had a set of aqua knitted knockers which are great and I also love my pink knitted brooch they also sent... I wear nearly everyday 😊😊

  • They are very useful post operation. I was the lucky recipient of a pair, different sizes (?) which seemed a bit of a waste. However they stood me in good stead for a couple of months. 🌺

  • Just got my knitted knocker and only worn it for a few hours but it feels really comfortable. It came with a lovely card and personal message, it doesn't take much but the kindness and obvious loving care made me cry. Much cooler and lighter than prosthetic and the seam on the comfy rubbed my wound but so far no problems.

  • Yes agree, mine arrived last week, exactly the same reaction, beautifully packaged, thoughtful comments and they're incredibly comfortable, amazing! Random acts of kindness floor me all the time, people can be fab at times 💕

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