Nipple reconstruction

Just had an appointment with a plastic surgeon yesterday to talk about nipple reconstruction. I thought it would just be straightforward, but he recommends nipple reconstruction, fat injection to even out a small hollow & then slight lift on my good breast to even up the nipple alignment. I'm quite nervous about all this. There's a 3-6 month waiting list so I've plenty of time to decide. But I'm just wondering if any of you have had this done, & if so are you happy with the results?

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  • I never bothered getting this done.. it doesn't bother me I was just so glad I was still alive x

  • It is a bit overwhelming thinking about more surgery isn't it? I had a nipple reconstruction and am so glad I did. It was very simple, quick and effective. However, although my nipples are not perfectly aligned they weren't on my natural breasts either, so I did not have a lift. I didn't need a fat injection at that stage but may do in the future.

    Try to think about each of the three separately and decide how you feel about each procedure. You may find that it is worth a last push, but if it isn't to you then you have your decision.

    The one thing I hadn't considered was that after the reconstruction a nipple tattoo would be needed. Again, for me well worth it.

    Whatever you decide will be right for you. Good luck. X

  • Hi I had a DIEP flap reconstruction 4 weeks ago and the thing I am really pleased with is the fact they gave me a breast reduction on my good side and it looks great. I haven't been this small and pert for a long time!! From what you have said you aren't having the DIEP but some liposuction and then imjected? The recovery shouldn't be too long. It depends how much the dent and being unequal bothers you.

    Good luck with you decision xx

  • I had a DIEP flap reconstruction last Wednesday. I'm home now and cant stop looking at myself in the mirror. I have a flat tummy and armpit and a boob. I'm looking forward to finishing now. Once the dressings come off i may need to have hair removal as i have curly hairs growing lol!! but hey i'm happy. The nipple is only day surgery so after what we been through it's not to bad. Mind you put on my stink on nipple and i think that's great. Take care after i have finished all this i'm thinking of holiday SUN SEA SAND TOPLESS :) x

  • Done all of this 2 years ago. The results didn't last and the 'nipples' were miniscule. Nipples are now flat and dents have returned. They sucked fat from my thighs which I was quite excited about but it didn't change the appearance one bit. Be sceptical and know this.

  • I'm in the States, so we do things a little bit differently- however, you may be able to apply similar techniques in the UK for you- my plastic surgeon said that my nipple reconstructions would be done in the office using my own skin as the nipple- if my skin isn't elastic enough, there is a teeny implant that they can sew around whatever skin is there .... He really made it seem like a minor thing. Also, here they are desperate to finish the reconstruction so they are getting impatient that I'm 3 weeks post mastectomy and not getting my first fill in my expanders lol ! Be grateful you're not being rushed! Best of luck with it all!

  • I am still getting my expanders filled but I don't think I am getting the nipples added. They most likely won't have any feeling and as far as looks I rather be nipple less and bra less. Good luck to you whatever you choose.

  • I am at the same stage as you. I have decided just to have the nipple reconstruction as my surgeon told me the lypomodelling was under general anesthetic and it may take a few attemps. I dont want to go through that but the nipple is just day surgery under local. X

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