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Radiotherapy; taste buds

Hello all, I really hope today's sunshine is giving everyone's spirits a lift! I'm inspired to go for a longer walk today.

My question for today is this. I will receive radiotherapy soon. As I had lymph node involvement does the radiotherapy beam actually go round corners to include under my armpit? This is where my scar ends. Hope this makes sense. I'm conscious of the inside of my arm rubbing against the side of my body and irritating any soreness. Will the creams help with this, please?

Thanks as always to all you lovely people out there.

Btw I'm one week into docetaxol, taste buds are definitely affected but I just enjoyed a cup of bovril! Would recommend 👍🏻.

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Hi Debs

My BC was quite close to were my lymph nodes were removed so the RT covered that area. I was a bit sore towards the end and used Aloe Vera Gel instead of the hydrocortisone cream they gave me. The aloe Vera was lovely and soothing as the area was quite hot towards the end of my treatment. I also used the little 'C' shaped cushion they gave me to and from the hospital to avoid chafing - and wore cotton t shirts.

The weather here has been lovely too - we went out for a drive - my pride and joy is my little mini convertible so we had the top down and blew away some cobwebs - it's fab when I'm having a hot flush.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Hugs 🤗Louise 😘


Thanks very much Louise that does help. Loving the wind swept hood down scenario! Why not take the car to Monaco in the summer and do the same? 😁🚗.

Keep driving! Xx

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I would love that especially when the F1 is on 👍😘 xx

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I had 3 out of 11 lymph nodes affected. When I had radiotherapy they position you with with your arms up by your ears. It's not uncomfortable, and only takes 5 minutes once the treatment starts

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