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Struggling 7 days post mastectomy

Hi All, I had mastectomy with axillary clearance 7 days ago, initially I felt well but since day 4 lots of pain in my scar, especially up to armpit. I had 180ml seroma drained on Monday and a further 90ml drained yesterday, I have been on antibiotics since Monday but have a low grade temperature and the wound is red and painful and I just don't feel well. Those of you that have through all this, did you feel the same and how long before feeling better, my BCN and consultant are excellent and don't seem concerned, variable advice rest or gentle movement.

Please ladies any similar experiences

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Sorry to read of your probs post surgery, this could be your body's way of reacting to what it's been through, although i only had lumpectomies, the surgery was on the Wednesday home Thursday, Friday my right arm, where all nodes were taken, was red from shoulder to elbow, an emergency GP appt resulted in antibiotics for a week, which sorted it out, some time later i found out that that was my first, and so far only, encounter with cellulitis, i hope things improve for you soon and I wish you a continued good recovery xx


Hi sorry you're having problems, my mastectomy and node clearance was ok (August 2015) I had a temp expander put in at time of my mx which unfortunately broke so had to have it replaced last month... was an easy op was out the same day but think I got complacent and took the dressing off too early (the dressing itched) did far too much .. ended up with an infection :( felt appalling headache, shivery but hot, achy and extremely tired, like I had flu.

I had regular antibiotics first but am now on my second week of clindamycin 300mg per dose 4 times a day. Only now on my third week of antibiotics do I feel human again.

You have to give it a bit of time, 7 days isn't very long at all. The advice I was given was to eat well, drink lots and look after myself. If you really feel pants maybe ring your nurse as you could need stronger tablets?

Hope you feel better soon xx


Hi Link, I also had a mastectomy, a year ago, and i did not experience any of what you are describing. Do you have drains in place? While I was in the hospital, the staff came and emptied the 3 drains every couple of hours, and I had them in for more than a week post surgery, where I had to empty them when i got home. I would get another opinion, the fever doesn't sound good


Hi sorry to hear this. If the BCN and the consultant have seen it and are not worried about it then it should be ok. However, keep taking your temp and if it starts to climb up further then see them again.

I had terrible seromas after exactly the same op and had them drained so I appreciate what you're going through. Have you tried massaging the scar gently?

Hope this helps. Remember if you feel unwell or your temp goes up further see the Drs again xx


Dear All, thank you, it really helps to have people to talk to who understand our worries and fears. There is now pus coming out of the wound but I phoned the consultant's secretary at 7.30am and she not only answered but has arranged for me to be seen today, strangely I feel bit better today so maybe resolving.


Hopefully you can get it sorted now, pus doesn't sound right to me so maybe need those stronger antibiotics.. glad you feel a bit better though x


Yet again fantastic care, changed antibiotics and sample sent to lab. Thank you ladies for just being there xx


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