hair loss &chemo

This morning i had my review with oncologist at the hospital and my results from my latest ct scan i got good news my chemo is working and my cancer lump in my left breast has shrunk in size also the cells in my other areas have shrunk to which is good the only thing they did say was that from my scan they had noticed a mass on my right ovary there hoping its just a cyst but with me waiting on my gene test results coming back and being triple neg also if i have the brc gene i could go on to have ovarian cancer nxt but there not taking any chances so waiting to see when i can get ultrasound done

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  • Great news that the chemo has worked. Whatever the outcome from the ovary, at least they are onto it, so hopefully they can also stamp on anything of concern quickly. Its hard to get such a complicated message from the hospital and hard to deal with. I wish you the very best. Caroline xx

  • Hi glad to here the chemo is working looks like they are looking after you well ,not easy hearing it might be in your ovaries all you can do is wait until it is confirmed you are doing great you have got this far 💗 best wishes stay strong.

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