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For worriers everywhere.....Hope this helps

For worriers everywhere.....Hope this helps

I had a really tough year last year, not cancer related, but i eventually got in contact with the mental health unit, after talking to me I signed up for a 6 week low mood CBT course, today is week 5, the best week for me was dealing with worry, some tips i picked up were, write your worries down, have 'worry time' once a day, picture yourself sitting by a stream with leaves floating by, you then write your worries down, put them on a leaf and watch them sail off into the distance, from the handouts we were given I've put a picture of the worry tree, all the branch endings are 'change focus of attention,' i hope this helps if, like me, you are a born worrier, good luck to you all

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That's a cool diagram Jennymary thank you. And for the tips too xx


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