hair loss

Chemo is taking its toll on me each session is different ,had my 3rd one last wk and have not been well since woke up thursday morning really off balance and vision blurry had to go to hospital to be assessed blood tests the usual they came back fine said i had a viral it would go away itself ,also had cramping pains in my left calf which ive never had after any of my chemos ,i was checked for dvt which there was no clots so good that way ,just had to do leg exercises to slacken off the cramp,after my 2nd chemo my hair really came out so was so upsetting i cried im now completely bald now just wear my headscarves mostly ,i have pleaurs effusion in my right lung i get scanned for that before every chemo they just say no change ive asked them are they going to drain the rest of the fluid but just keep saying chemo will hopefully fix it ,i started with a collapsed lung in december which is how i ended up in hospital then a ct scan which discovered i had breast cancer and im stage 4 triple neg ,its been hard as i have been really emotional lately as i have a 10yr old daughter who thought was excepting my illness at the start but since i lost my hair its hit her really bad that im ill weve had nights that she will break dwn and cry asking why did i get ill i have to keep saying to her i dont know and i will get better but i know my cancers incurable im also waiting on my results for my gene test should get them nxt wk ,this morning i have a ct scan my half way one through chemo so hopefully the cancer is shrinking or not growing as its been a tough few months and all my family have been going through it with me including my 10 yr old ,as its been a lot for her we got her to speak to a councillor last wk so im hoping it helps

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  • Sending warm wishes and hugs to help you and your family through this difficult part of your journey xxxxxxxx

  • I wish you all the best on your journey my daughter was 8 when I was.dignaoised in October 2015 and telling her and her sister 14 was the hardest part of dealing with it

    It is a hard journey but one you will get the courage to deal with take care


  • Thinking of you at this point in your journey, talking will help your daughter I am sure, especially as she may feel able to ask them questions that she is too frightened to ask you, telling your children is the hardest thing, I couldn't do it, my husband did it.

    Everyone on here is here for you during your lows and highs and will support you, just talking about your feelings can help unload them xxx

  • How awful for you. It was bad enough telling my adult children who were in their 30s when I was first diagnosed. Hope your results are what you want them to be best week. Everything crossed for you and my best wishes to you and your family for the rest of your journey. Do get rid of your emotions/frustrations on this site - I have found it excellent xx

  • Hi

    I'm sorry to hear this, it is hard on the Children & watching a 30 year old man crumple is hard going too, both my boys took it hard.

    I'm not sure if it's Breast Cancer Care who've had a book written especially for Children explaining about why Mummy has lost her hair, it might be a bit young for your daughter but I'll check it out & find a link if l can, I'm away right now but the WiFi's pretty good! Check out Macmillan too, I'm sure I've seen info there!

    Bless You

    Mrs N 🌺

  • This is from an American Site but may be helpful too, I know you've told you daughter but both links mention how they may react! Thinking of you! 🌺

  • Trg3, my heart goes out to you having to cope with everything as well as having young children at home, we are called upon to be extraordinarily strong.

    And we step up.

    If we falter now and again, it's perfectly fine.

    We must be kind to ourselves.

    I know I didn't tell my very grown up son (42) the full extent of my illness ( triple negative with mets to liver) , I just told him breast cancer. There is a bit of excitement in the triple negative science that could be helpful if they get a move on with it. Have you ever looked at Phoenix tears web site?

    Sometimes things look incredibly bleak, plan to do nice things and give yourself some treats. Sending love across the world. 😘😘🌎

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