Finished her surgery,

Dear all friends thanks for your prayer and support.

My friend finished her surgery and now she is getting well. Her pathology test result went well. Next week she wants to perform her next level treatment. She got an appointment to the radiology department. Really, I don’t know What is it and its effect.

I would like to say my thanks to all of them. You peoples gave me an energy and support. May God bless you all with me these days. I wish u all get well soon.

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  • I'm pleased your friend is on the mend, hope the radiology appt goes well x

  • Thanks

  • Great! So glad she came through it fine.

    Now they will plan her radiation treatments. Any remaining cancer in that area will be very sensitive to the radiation, so radiation treatment works very well.

    They will likely put a mark or marks on her to show them where to focus the radiation. She will likely have (usually) daily treatments, but only on weekdays.

    One side effect of radiation treatment is tiredness. There will be increasing tiredness as the radiation treatments continue, and continuing even for some time -- possibly for months -- after the treatments are all done.

    After the first two big steps in treatment she has had -- her chemotherapy and her surgery -- this one -- a course of radiation treatments -- might even feel pretty easy for her.

    We hope it all goes well and smoothly for her.

  • I am glad your friend is doing well. The radiology is quick and painless. You just get a bit tired towards the end of treatment but you do get a nice tan. I had them in fits after asking if they could turn me over and brown off my other side!! Remember to use lots of bio oil or E45 cream. Good luck and god bless x

  • Hello Ediwn

    I'm glad your friend is recovering well from her surgery & I wish her well for her Radiotherapy Treatment.

    Good Wishes to you also, we have just arrived in Hong Kong for a Special Trip to Celebrate our Ruby Wedding Anniversary 40 years!

    Mrs N x

  • Thank you ,, and Enjoy you trip as u can..........

  • Goodluck to your friend on her journey..i had 16 radiology treatments and i did get some skin burn suggest to your friend to use Cetomacrogol cream it really helped me a lot and yes i did get very very tired as other ladies say but i finshed them in November had started working parttime again in january and since the middle of february i already started working full s back to how it was in september before my surgery and treatment ..

    Thank you for your kind words for us ladies going through this illness and bless you for being such a good friend x

  • Prayers and Best wishes to your friend.

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