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Inflametry Breast Cancer IBC

I was dignaoised with IBC her 2postive in October 2015 I have chemo single mastcomcy lymph nodes clearances and 30 session of radiotherapy and a year of herceptin

I had a review with oncologist last week and mri was clear he there is a high possibility of it returning in the future just to be aware of anything that comes and doesn't go away

I am.just wondering if any one on this site has IBC her2+

Also met with plastic surgeon and he doesn't know if resconstruction using tummy tissue will work as my skin has changed from the radiotherapy I am to have a special cat scan to see if the mirco vessels are not damaged

Did anyone on this site have skin damage from radiotherapy and still was able to have reconstruction surgery

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Hello, I was diagnosed in August 2015, grade 3 with 27 nodes all cancer, i was also her+ and had chemo, radio and Year of herceptin and now on tamoxifen. Although I wanted a mastectomy, surgeon said lumpectomy would be enough. I am still in a lot of pain with the radio damage to my breast so I understand them saying about damage to your skin etc. I still feel tired by the end of a day and a few side effects etc. I'm sure they will advise what's best for you regarding reconstruction, and maybe just need longer to heal. Xx


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