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Double mastectomy in 6 days

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I'm finding a lot of extra steps I'm having to do that I'm being told last minute. The dye injection- does that hurt? Why wasn't I told about it before? Will I need to know anything else? Do I need to do anything else?

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Hope your surgery goes well next week xxxx

Thank you!! x

Thank you! X


Hello Penny

I think sometimes the hospital staff don't want to overwhelm us with information, they may have told you but you didn't quite take it in with everything else going on.

No it doesn't really hurt, more of a sensation, it's a guide for them to find the sentinel node so that can be removed to be checked.

Wishing you all the Very Best 🌺

Mrs N x

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Thank you for your reassuring words x

I haven't yet had surgery so cannot help you with your questions but I do wish you all the best for next week. Caroline

I only found out about getting the dye, when the porter came for me. Unfortunately I was away having some lunch with hubby and the staff thought I had done a runner. πŸ˜‚ It wasn't too bad though. All the best for you op. Xxx

Just had the dye injection on Tuesday ,this is just like a bee sting,I was dreading it back honestly its fine.

Just like a bee sting and its over with really quickly. Best of luck on your journey x

Hi Penny

I just had a mastectomy last week. I asked for an ice pack to use on my breast about 20 minutes before the dye injection and it worked great, for me. I was also dreading it!

Be good to yourself and allow people to help you. This isn't always easy, but the after effects of trying to do too much are NOT fun. Later on, we will be able to offer someone else the care we have received.

I've had lots of people praying for me and I truly believe that has been a huge help.

I found a heating pad/rice pack has been comforting. Don't wait to take pain meds, even just over-the-counter, if you begin to hurt.

This group is a WONDERFUL, CARING support group!

I'll be praying for you, Penny! Please keep us posted!


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Thank you so much! Everyone here seems a wonderful inspiration- it's really helping me!

Hi Penny I had dye injected a few hours before my operation to identify the sentinel node. I found it perfectly manageable and I am a cry baby with low pain tolerance! Never had a bee sting myself but would agree all I felt was a tiny sting and it lasted but seconds. 99% of the injections I have received since my diagnosis have not been as bad as a dentist injection, that's what I use as my measure of pain.

I too get frustrated with the 'drip feed' approach as described by my breast care nurse. This can be because not all the information available will apply to you so it's only as new information come to light that additional information / treatment is introduced. It's also an attempt not to overwhelm you.

Hope this helps me keep asking your questions!

Best wishes

Deb xx

Thank you Deb- that is super helpful- I'm guessing if I could stomach the biopsy thus should be the same- hopefully!

I really wish you all the best for your surgery.

I believe MrsNails is right. When the hospital first suspected I could have breast cancer, after I had been checked out for something else on my throat. Nobody would tell me anything. When I received a repeat invitation to attend hospital I asked my doctor what was going on but they did not reveal anything. I guessed something was wrong and as soon as I was called in to my appointment at the hospital I asked them what was going on. "Well, they said, "your throat is clear but we have seen something in your breast which needs checking out."

They did say they had forbidden anybody from telling me by letter as they thought that would be too hard. So, they are trying to spare patients as much as they can. I must say, every member of staff who dealt with me was very kind.

Sending you my best wishes for next week, You will be fine x

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Thank you! x

I had the injection,and it's just as everybody says,a sting sensation. Good luck with your

I agree it is a sensation it stings for a second then its gone good luck with your op.

I had double mastectomy in 2015 but don't remember anything about dye.

Hi penny no the injection doesn't hurt any more than any other injection,what I didn't know was that I,d wake up with a blue face lol so be prepared ! it does fade really quickly tho thank goodness .Hope all goes well for you xxxxx

I found the dye didnt hurt. I was advised to take multi vitamins and arnika tablets.

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