Ladies went for first chemo today to be told that they can't give it to me as MRI scan has shown small area of cancer on my left hip, so it has spread and this now changes the treatment plan, aim now to manage not to cure, I am absolutely devestated what am I going to do now? Proposed treatment is now hormonal no chemo or radiotherapy at this stage, I don't know what to think, am I overreacting?

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  • Anita, after being given news like this anyone would over react, thoughts everywhere, give yourself time to take the news in and get to grips with your situation, otherwise my heart goes out to you, sending loads of love and hugs your way, keep posting any questions, we're all here for each other xxxxxxx

  • You are not over reacting .. You are reacting to the news you have been given ... Sit , breath and digest it in your own time .. Sending lots of love xxxx

  • Oh Anita

    How awful for you, your head will be all over the place, we were talking here only the other day about the goalposts moving, you're all set for one course of treatment when bang another symptom or results turns everything upside down.

    First, there is the fact you were all geared up for the Chemo & then you get this additional blow, so you need to take that on board. There are a couple of ladies on here in a similar situation with it also being in the bones & l'm pretty sure they'll post into this thread.

    Did you see a Consultant today or do you have to return to discuss the options further?

    You really need to relax & not get drawn into conversations with friends or family until you have all the facts, as they can wear you out with questions you don't have the answers too. Feel free to vent your anger or frustration on here as we can understand the change this has made to you.

    You are very much in all our thoughts this evening & please message if you need or want us.

    Tonight, take it easy, have a glass of wine (if that's your tipple) but as Mandy says breath, try & take it in but don't over think it.

    Sending much love 💕💐

    Angela aka Mrs N 😘

  • Horrible news. You get a treatment plan in your head and then everything changes. I have had secondary in my lymph nodes for a few years now. My treatments have changed a few times - all have been hormonal. I had just changed last November when given the news that there were a couple of small bits in my bone. This week I have just had another bone scan and CT scan and am keeping everything crossed that it has disappeared. In the past I have got myself in a terrible state whilst awaiting results of scans but, this time I have given myself a good talking to and am going to try and keep calm!

    I cannot alter things so deep breaths and thinking of lovely things like my granddaughter and a new baby due on a week's time. Think of good things, keep busy and just put your trust in your oncologist and write down all your questions for your next appointment. I assume you will also be given injections of denusomab which is to strengthen the bones and also vit D/calcium tablets

    Good luck with your treatment and keep in touch on this site. I have found it a real source of support xx

  • Hi Anita

    I was so sad to read your post. This is working out to be such a tough journey for you and hard to bear. Life can be so cruel. I am sending you all the positive thoughts in the world. I hope you are able to surround yourself with love and hugs. We are all routing for you and I am thinking of you. Hugs Caroline xxx

  • No you are not overreacting. It must have been a horrible shock on top of everything else. Obviously I don't know about your situation but I can tell you hormone treatment has worked well for me. sending you my hugs and best wishes that it will help you too.

  • Hello Anita B

    I'm so sorry to hear your news. I was devastated last week when I was told I had double breast cancer and this week, I am able to look ahead. It's an immediate feeling of shock and it's the worst feeling. Try to make sure you eat healthy and even if you have to take sleeping tablets, get plenty of rest and I'm sure that feeling will of shock will disappear.

    The women on this forum are wonderful, everyone is here to support you.


  • So sorry to hear your news. You are definitely NOT over reacting. I would be exactly the same in your position. Wishing you all the best for your new treatment plan x

  • Hi Anita,

    Sorry to hear your news you you are dealing with abig shock here

    There is always a plan of action ,sending you best wishes X

  • Hi Anita

    You are not over reacting that is awful I would be freaking out if it was me

    Try to stay positive big hugs thinking of you

    Best wishes

    Janet xx

  • Dear Anita

    I have been thinking of you all day. Its the hardest thing getting your head around all this horrible stuff. Sending lots of positive thoughts to you. Keep strong. xx Caroline.

  • Anita

    I hope you are ok. Hopefully you have an appointment with the consultant in the next few days so they can talk to you about the way forwards. Knowing seems to be easier than being in the dark.

    Hugs Caroline

  • Hi i just wanted to tell you "huge love" to you. Im on tamoxifen and by christ it seems to be killing everything off, i got my sense of smell back last week, didnt know i had lost it until it came back. So some of the hormonal treatments work. Sending you huge hugs..xx

  • Hi Anita,

    Just checking in to see how your doing ?thinking of you x

  • Anita, I was at my GP the other day as I have dreadful pains in my forearm, it was clear - however I did ask if this had metastasised how would it be treated, she said that they would have treated it with radiotherapy. Can you ask for a second opinion? I am in Ireland so not sure if things are different here. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers xxxxx

  • Would love to chat off of this site my email

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