Inspiration at 80

Inspiration at 80

Ten years ago my Mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer - today we celebrated her 80th birthday. She has always been my inspiration, my Dad passed away when I was 7 and she worked so hard to give my brother and I the best life possible. She has been amazing through my BC journey and kept me positive on my lowest days. There is no stopping her! Despite that she is losing her sight she volunteers 2 days a week at our local St Barnabus Hospice shop.

Her exact words are 'you've just got to get through this!" ❤️

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  • Awh Louise, Happy Birthday to Your Mum 💐🥂🎂

    What a true inspiration she is, you both look so well!

    Love Angela 😘

  • Thanks Angela - between all of my hot moments it's been a lovely day 😘Xx

  • Birthday wishes to your mum, you both look amazing, I wish you both continued good health xxxx

  • Thank you 😘Xx

  • Wonderful, thank you for sharing Louise and best of birthdays to your mum xx

  • Thanks Debs hope you're feeling better now too 😘Xxx

  • Lovely picture, happy birthday to your mum x

    Her support to you must be invaluable and special as she knows how you feel xx

  • It is Debs - she has been my rock xx

  • Thank you for sharing your mum with us, fantastic picture. You would never know your heartaches looking at you both, amazing...amazing...amazing!

  • Thank you - like Mum says you just have to get on with it it's been her motto most of her life.


  • Inspiration to us all. 😺 moms are so precious ..hold on to her and never let go

  • Definitely - you only have one xx

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