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Soreness down side of breast where lymph glands removed

I know the back of your arm after lymph nose clearance is a bit numb and sensitive to touch is this true down the side next to where your breast was removed numb but sore when pressed it's 4 months post surgery I assume it's nerve damage and probably pressure from where all the tissue was removed it's no worse improving slowly but is this normal thanks Maggie

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Hi Maggie, haven't got an answer for you (I had lumpectomies) but ring your BCN or GP, just for advice/reassurance, I've got everything crossed it's nothing serious xxx


Hi Maggie, yes my arm hurt and was sore (like sunburn) for ages, and would hurt more whilst having chemo too. I also found it hurt down the side of my breast (had temp expanded implant) definitely was nerves for me and a bit of swelling, I found the more I rubbed it (I used moo goo udder cream as soon as I was allowed to use any) the better it felt. 4 months on is still early days and nerves heal quite slowly. As suggested by Jenny if you're worried just call you bcc nurse she'll be able to help you x


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