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Her 2 breast cancer - I found out something I didn't know

Well when I developedbrain tumours as secondaries from her 2 + breast cancer I found out two things

In 2014 (old I know) the womenwiththeworstourcomes in New Zealand were her2 + and negative for oestrogen and progesterone - despite being treated with herceptin

I also just found out that 50% of women with her 2 positive breast cancer who develop secondaries do so in the brain - this is because herceptincannot transcend the blood brain barrier

So if you are Ger 2 positive - demand brain scans - I almost died because I didn't - it took a New Zealand oncologist tospot it!! Body scans are not enough.


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I had Her 2+!! this info is completely opposing to everything I have previously read and also been told, I will be questioning my onc surgeon on Friday and asking whether I should be having brain scans 😢



Take a Deep Breath, this is different information from what you've read or been told!

You have your Surgery on Friday so that's what you must concentrate on, but meanwhile check in with your BCN or look on Macmillan or Breast Cancer Care 💕 Not Dr Google!

Angela 😘 💐

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Unfortunately my info came from an oncologist not dr google .... wish it had!!


Hi Cazlav - or even ring Macmillan? suggestbspeaking to,someone you can trust. Good luck for Friday! Try not to fret til there's a reason to 😗

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Goad u did that


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