Chemo,pain - 2nd follow up

Hi All, sorry to bang on but in case it helps anyone else.

Today I asked Macmillan about blood clots. It seems it could have already been there before the chemo and accompanying pain, in line with cancer treatment making us susceptible to blood clots.

This means it could be said that the chemo did not cause it.

As for the pain during chemo it could be any of a number of things, being cold, a reaction to the fe and c, sensitive skin, irritated veins.

I have some peace of mind knowing it wasn't necessarily inept cannulation tho I am Still going to complain as I still feel the nurses did not do a good job of taking care of me by failing to keep me warm and or explaining why I was in so much pain.

Roll on my picc line!! 👊


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  • Debster

    I had a PICC line fitted last week - a bit scary but I am so glad its now fitted. I am optimistic it will save me from loads of horrible needles (although not all) and it will reduce the chances of my veins being traumatised. I am being extra careful and taking note of the advise in looking after it. Good luck with the line.


  • Hello Caroline thank you for your words they describe exactly how I am feeling 🙏 and are very reassuring. Haven't been given any info yet but I trust my community nurses to help me look after it. Wishing you the best with the rest of your treatment. I'd be pleased to hear how you get on.

    🌹🌷Debbie x

  • Hi Debbie I hope you are doing well. I am doing much better than I feared although I realise its early days ( 9 days post first FEC). I feel so postive about the future and totally confident that this time next year it will all be a distant memory. The district nurse has arranged to visit each week to flush out my PICC - she came yesterday for the first time and it was really easy. Best wishes Caroline

  • Hi carolinenailsea

    Glad you are doing better than you feared, it's the unknown that's the scary bit!

    My FB showed a memory from this time last year, which was as we boarded my Post Chemo Cruise! 🚢

    It's surprising how quickly that year comes around.

    Best of Luck with the rest of your treatment. 🍀

    Mrs N x

  • Thanks so much for the cheery message. Lovely to hear your story about post chemo cruise. Funnily enough we were due to cruise in March (retirement present as I reach 60 next month) but this has had to be cancelled. We have put the money away for next year. We have a deposit on a cruise June 2018 and really hoping 2018 will be sensational. Best wishes Caroline

  • carolinenailsea

    Hi Caroline,

    I had to cancel my 60th Birthday Cruise too, Chemo! But as soon as My Oncologist gave me the OK we booked a Cruise out of Southampton to the Canary Islands as l didn't want to be hassled with flying; it really did me & my lovely husband good, l think he needed a rest more than me!

    It's just 12months as now we were on that Cruise & guess what we're doing today? Ordering foreign currency & checking out the Tours we booked several months ago, we leave for Hong Kong on 14th March & join the Queen Mary on 18th for 3 weeks around the Far East, it's our 40th Wedding Anniversary ❤️ this year, so we're pushing the boat out, so to speak! 🚢

    So yes, definitely 'This Time Next Year!'

    Very Best Wishes

    Angela aka Mrs N x

  • Fabulous - the cruise sounds sensational. Enjoy every moment. Congratulations on your 40th - we are not far behind you. Caroline xx

  • Thanks Caroline, hope you are doing well 🌺

    Mrs N x

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