Braca 1 double mastectomy

Hi I'm new here I have the braca 1 gene and been told I've got a choice of preventative surgery or regular check ups 🙁 I think I am going to go for the double mastectomy and reconstruction at the same time , my sister has just finished chemo for the second time 1st time was ovarian cancer finsished chemo oct 2015 and it came back June 2016 on her stomach, my mum has ovarian cancer and has just had a full hysterectomy in Jan 2017 , my dad is going to be starting radiotherapy in the next two weeks for oesophageal cancer so as you can imagine I feel like I'm a ticking time bomb 😔 .

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  • Sending you and your family loads of love and hugs xxxxxxx

  • I you consider that even at the aGE OF 30 a stade T1, nodulule smaller than 2 cm, the nodule is taken out and the cancer is cured with a probability of 98%. I cosider this an overkill. How many other cancer genes - detected and unknown yet- do U think U might have? U cannot take all probable sources for cancer out. Life, for example without a pankreas might be very problematic. As a gynecologist it just doesnt feel right when someone wants both breast taken off with only a PROBABILITY of getting a cancer there some time in the future, while we researched methods for the the last 80 years with great success, to keep the breast mostly intact when women HAVE cancer.


    Clemens, Leukemia(CLL) since 2007.

    dont panic, THINK

  • Oh Bless You zarzee what an awful burden for you & your family to be struck by so much Cancer. My thoughts & prayers are with you all.

    This is a great forum for BC Support so don't hesitate to ask questions any time.

    Very Best Wishes for you & your family 🌺

    Mrs N

  • Bless you zarzee what a difficult time for you all. Do what you can to find peace 🙏. With warm thoughts and wishes. Xx

  • Sending hugs and strength for u and your family


  • I am praying for you all. I believe you are doing the right thing. This is so stressful and you are all so strong in taking this one step at a time. Best wishes to you zarzee and everybody on this site.

  • Dear Zarzee

    My heart goes out to you and your family. Life can be so cruel. Hugs to you all. I am sending lots of positive thoughts to you all and wish you all the best. Every good wish to you and your family. Caroline xxx

  • Thank you for all your comments it really does mean a lot xxx

  • zarzee I know your post was six months ago, I wonder what you did? I have braca 2. I got breast cancer at 46 I already new I had the genetic fault so had already decided to have a double masectomy if I got cancer, that was in 2013, my only regret is that I didn't do it before I got cancer. Would love to hear from you, to see how you are getting on, I wonder if Clemens realises that with braca genetic fault we have up to 80% chance of getting breast cancer in our lifetime.

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