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He everyone

Sorry for the late update. I had mastectomy last Friday. I felt good Saturday morning, had breakfast, had a wash and waited for my partner to come thinking I was going home that day. As we sat waiting for the doctor to come round I suddenly felt very unwell with high fever. It passed but I then noticed I has started to swell around where the boob had been quickly spreading all the way down my side. The fever got worse and I started to having bad fits! The doctor on duty called for the surgeon and the anastecian to come in as not working on Saturdays and I was eventually rushed back down. It turned out I had internal bleeding and the drain could not cope with it. I lost a lot of blood and was given new blood πŸ˜₯ thankfully after that I was fine again but was kept in until Wednesday. I'm now back home and cannot believe how much movement I have in the affected arm. I'm going for result on Wednesday and will keep you all informed.

Much love Gitte ❀️❀️❀️


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  • Oh my goodness, that must have been very scary!.. Thank god it's been sorted before you left hospital and you are on the mend now.. Good luck with the rest of your recovery /treatment. xxx

  • Thanks xxxxx

  • Oh Gitte

    Oh, how awful, I have been thinking about you & wondered how you were doing?

    Thank goodness you were still at the hospital when it happened. I'm pleased you're on the other side of it now & great news about your arm, keep it up!

    I actually have better use of my left arm now than my right, l did work on it all the time as I'd had shoulder surgery on that side too so Consultant thought I might have problems but thankfully it's OK

    Good Luck for your results on Wednesday, please let us know.

    Best Wishes πŸ’

    Mrs N

  • Thank you xxxxxxx

  • Yikes, at least you were in the right place when you became unwell, sending good luck wishes your way for Wednesday xxxxx

  • Hi Gitte goodness what a scare! You tell the story in a matter of fact way so hopefully you are over any trauma. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Inceibly well done with your arm! Keep up with any exercises to make sure it stays well.

    Without meaning to unsettle you I did experience a reversal of movement along with a bit of painful cording during weeks 2 and 3 which upset me but then it improved then I platuead for 3 weeks then week 9 more improvement. Am now at week 10 post op and I have no more pain (I stopped the paracetamol week 8) and very good movement.

    In short if this happens to you then improvement should follow. Hope this helps 😌. Stay well x

  • Good grief that sounds very scary - pleased all okay now - good luck with the rest of your recovery.

    Louise 😘

  • That sounds awful, such a shock for you and your partner.

    The majority of these operations go fine, but people need to realise that this can happen, all be it possibly rare.

    Hope all goes well for your results fingers crossed xx

  • Praying the worst is behind you now and you will experience steady healing and progress!

  • That must have been terrifying for both of you ..wishing you no more dramas and a speedy recovery xx

  • OMG! So glad you were still in the hospital and were able to receive the emergency care you needed. Happy to hear that u r home and on the mend. Keep us posted. We are all here for you!


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