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hair loss

Todays the day i have my headstrong this mornig to show me hair care ,then afterwards going to go to our shops and get myself some new clippers depending what time it is afterwards i might need to wait till after lunch when my daughter goes back to school ,then its here i will finally shave all my hair clean off completely bald really looking forward to doing it as i will have the control not sure how i will feel once ive done it but will feel better so will my scalp

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Hi trg3

I'm sure you'll feel better once it's done, are you wearing your wig yet?

Mrs N πŸ’


hi ive had it on a few times ,i was at a place today who show you how to look after your hair &scalp also different types of head wear to so will be good once i shave all my hair off today i mentioned to them about my bald patches they just said best to shave all my hair off i would feel better for doing then everything would go on better ,lots of advice


Hi trg3 well done you, go for it, you will feel better for having acted even if a bit unsettled after, with the end result - which is thankfully temporary after all 😌. We are right behind you!

I'm impressed with all your efforts to date too! Esp,yr msg in Areply to Mrs Nails.

I am still holding onto my balding patches 😳 and wearing my soft cotton beanie to bed to catch the 'shredders'. You are inspiring me to be brave 😌.

Hope you have a good rest of the day 🌹


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