hair loss

well today was good went along to a look good feel better group had a great time ,got speak to a councillor about my hair as i have a couple of bald spots which appeared today &he said im better just to shave it all off now it would be better if i did it shave it bald then i would feel a lot better from doing it going to take his advice &do it in the nxt couple of days really glad he said that me looking forward to doing it now cant wait

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  • Hi trg3, glad you enjoyed the workshop... I went along when i started treatment and would recommend to everyone who can get along. You need to shave your head when you are ready and not when some counsellor who hasnt stood in your shoes thinks its right.

    I didnt shave my hair until after i finished my chemo and had my surgery. I didnt lose all my hair but i did keep it trimmed short. I wore a wig, scarves or hat depending in where i was. My hair was my pride and joy.

    If you do shave it off now, do because you want to xx

  • hi yeah im shaving it all off as i want but had ask somebody what they thought about me doing it if it was annoying me he just said i should do what i feels best and if i wanted to shave it all off to my bald scalp then i should just do it he didnt tell me to do it he just advised me which im glad of cause i was going to do it anyway just get it over with and shave it all off to completely bald as i have a couple of them just now but looking forward to doing this

  • There are very few decisions we make on our cancer journey .. I said I would decide when I lost my hair so had it cut really short, and at the first signs if it coming out I had I all shaved off .. It was liberating ... ,!! As it was my choice 💞💥🎉

  • I also did look good feel good workshop wow made me feel great what a great gift xxx

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