A good day 😊 Including prosthesis shopping Complementary therapies and head 'shave'

Hello ladies. Today had ups and downs for me. Began with my pillow looking like a bird had stolen in in the night and built a nest with my shedding hairs! 🀣.

This morning after a bit of a drive to The Haven Breast Cancer - luckily my husband drove me today - I came away from an hours consultation feeling valued and calm at the support they can provide, to both my husband and I, an element of which is free.

I now have an appointment for a hypnotherapy session and a massage. I know I can always visit as a paying customer as I am interested in mindfulness and or meditations that they also offer. I don't feel quite so alone.

I then had an appointment with BCN and had a prosthesis fitted. I found it so much easier to do than expected πŸ™ƒ. I took my 'normal' pre surgery wired bra along and managed to put it on with the fake in it and! Without my bra strap expander! (currently being used with post mx bras, soft cotton and sitting over my little bit of lymph swelling hence the need to expand the strap). Well I felt so much more comfortable thinking that I look normal again, put a big smile on my face πŸ™‚πŸ™‚.

Went shopping! Gosh haven't done that for a loooong time! Can recommend! Lifted my spirits. Ok had to remove bra and fake boob after few hours but looking forward to wearing it to pure stretch class at my leisure centre on Friday.

Feeling liberated!

Gave me confidence to allow husband to remove what was left of my patchy tufts! Currently in bed sporting a soft cotton beanie to catch what's left!

Best of wishes to you all 😘🌹

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  • Those knitted knockers are more comfortable i have heard, if you find the heavier one too much, can do swaps!

    Pampering yourself will be nice, and well needed xx

  • Thanks Debs. I shall organise a pamper this week 😊Xx

  • Hi debster. Well done. You're coping like a champ. Seeing the little bit of good in everything is a huge boost. Little steps to feeling like yourself again all add up to a general feeling of calm and not just acceptance but a huge sense of FU cancer,I got this and I'll be an even better person after I'm done dealing with you (and other "in your face"swear words hah) xxx

  • Haha thanks Gracie, my kind of vocab!! Xx

  • Hi Debs

    Good old retail therapy always helps I think. My friend does sports massage and she is really good at making me feel better about myself, so I can highly recommend - she also does reflexology which is good, although it took me a while to have that as I hate having my feet touched, but was not as bad as I thought and was very relaxing.

    Sending hugs

    Louise xxxx

  • Lovely suggestions thank you Louise. 😘 xx

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