Surgery and tamoxifen?

Evening all,

This afternoon I received the news via a call that I can have my reconstruction next friday, I accepted the offer as have had expander in ready for implant since December 2015. I have now just had the thought that should I not have asked about whether to come off tamoxifen in the run up to op due to higher DVT risk, I'm sure I read it in someone's post few weeks back thats what they had been advised, I'm going to have to call tomorrow and ask surgery team but can anyone share their experiences with this, thank you.

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  • Not able to answer your question but sending best wishes for your reconstruction, hope you're pleased with the result when you've healed x

  • I am waiting for my reconstruction and my consultant said i had to be off the Tamoxifen for 6 weeks before surgery, hope that helps. God luck with your surgery x

  • I was told to stop taking it before my op. Still go and see your GP but I wouldn't take it today. If possible phone the surgeon should secretary and tell her what you have done. Don't worry it shouldn't delay surgery as they can give a drug to revert the effects of the tamoxifen.

    I hope this helps and good luck!! Zx

  • Good luck,hope all goes well.xx

  • Thank you for replies. I have just spoken to Secretary to surgeon and I've been tild to just stop taking tamoxifen from today, phew 😅

  • I am sorry I can't answer your query .. But can wish you luck xxx

  • Good luck xx

  • Just read this post tonight and would like to mention that I was actually scheduled for a double reconstruction TODAY but it has been postponed due to me NOT coming off Tamoxifen two weeks prior! The reason this happened was because I missed my pre-op assessment on 18/01/17 and it was rescheduled for 02/02/17 but they forgot to mention about coming off the drug then and mentioned on 02/02/17 which only left a week! I did stop but BCN found out and contacted my surgeon who says it's too risky. Tamoxifen increases chance of DVT plus surgery (over several hours) increases this even more. My hospital (Royal Free in London) insist on coming off two weeks before. Some hospitals even longer but some not as long, and then stay off for another two weeks. As Tamoxifen stays in your system for around two weeks the 'two week rule' seems sensible, without being too detrimental to your long term risks of reoccurrence. I urge you to discuss all the risks with your BC team. It does seem crazy that different hospitals have different policies with regard to the time needed to 'wash out' Tamoxifen!

  • I haven't posted or looked on here for a while but am now lurking a bit as I am contemplating reconstruction (Had a right side mastectomy and node removal last May). Want to wish the OP good luck with the operation. I feel more scared of reconstruction than I did of the cancer I know that probably sounds a bit mad... xx

  • hi poppy

    thank you for your good wishes. I don't think it sounds mad to be more scared of the reconstruction, the surgery to remove the lump is needed and is a relief when its gone. A reconstruction isn't necessarily essential and if you are choosing to have one then you invest hope in that, a result you will be pleased with, after all we've been through its bittersweet to think of coming out the other side with a positive view of yourself. I wish you well with whatever you decide but I will post my experience of it when i can.

  • Good luck with your op. Hope you are pleased with the result x

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