well made my decision after tomorrow im going to shave all my hair off clean to my scalp its going to fall out anyway im just helping it quicker by shaving all my stubble clean off to bald not waiting nothing works or helps calm my scalp but doing this is what i want to do i will feel better once ive completely shaved it all off been a hard choice but doing it this wk with the clippers again

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  • It will be a fresh start for sure. Sending hugs 🌹👍🏻😘

  • Well done , brave lady , I'm Kate think that is the best way ! X

  • Good on you. I shaved mine off and actually found it ok! Lots of people told me now to grow it back! I have by the way xx

  • Best way in my book, you go Missus - all the best for the rest of your treatment xxx

  • I had my hairdresser shave mine down to a No1 cut once tufts started to fall out on 14th day of first chemotherapy session. Then what fell out after that, until I went completely shiny bald, was fine and small in length & in the main, unnoticeable. One point of note though, I continued to shave my head (No cutter and very close) on a regular basis about every 2 weeks, when my hair started to grow again at the end of chemotherapy. I am one of the few people I know that escaped "curly" hair on completion of treatment. Admittedly, it did have a slight wave but looked grand and full of body and I continued to shave it with a longer cutting trimmer each time until it returned completely back to 'normal' about a year after chemo ended. A friend of mine advised this was a good idea because she grew up in one of the Scandinavian countries (can't remember which one) but in her country of birth, they shave the heads of all their babies several times to encourage thick, straight, strong growth. I do not know whether this is the reason I had non curly hair but I was very grateful for the hair that I did 'allow' to grow later on. Good Luck! x

  • hi thanks sounds like a good idea going to do mine after today yeah going shave mine all completely off to bald with the clippers to as low as they can go with no guard on the stubble has to go now so if it means i have to shave my stubble completely clean off to my bald scalp then that what i need to do i feel my head will feel better once i shave it clean bald at the moment my stubbles been itchy &dying its got so annoying now so is coming off

  • i will do that to dont want the stubble i'd rather have a bald scalp instead then wear my wig more once ive shaved it all off

  • Be brave ...

  • hi do you mean be brave and just get it over with shave all clean off bald thats my plan after today to shave it completely clean to my bald scalp start fresh

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