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That moment

Okay! In June 2016 I found out for sure that I Cancer but it was shocking when I and my husband was told that I had stage 3A Cancer so I had surgery did in July to get the tumor remove it was the size of a golf ball then I started my first chemo treatment in August up until now I have my final chemo treatment on the 16th of this to follow alone to start my radiation treatment in march. As for my hair I just let my hair come out on it own but as I did that I went to pick my hair one day to notice that the hair pick was full so I stop and called my husband in the bathroom with me gave him the pick asked him to comb my hair bcuz I want my husband to be strong while he was doing it but he wasn't able to so I just said to myself I don't want him to come home one day from work into a big surprise but as he comb and comb more and more hair came out until it wasn't no more left on my head.

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Hello Margaret

Thank you for telling us your story, l hope your final Chemo goes well & you are not suffering too much with side effects.

There are a lot of ladies on here who have had Radiotherapy so will be able to share their experience & offer you some tips & advice.

It is a very hard time when your hair comes out, mine started to fall out on my birthday & the next day it all came away in my hands. My husband cried, but I put on my wig & smiled 💁🏻 I could not let him get more upset.

If you have any questions please post them & many of our lovely ladies will be happy to answer them.

Very Best Wishes 🌺

Mrs N 🌸



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I only had radiotherapy Which wasn't too bad - just a bit tired and sore after the treatment finished. You just have to listen to your body and rest when you need to.

All the best for your last chemo.

Take care

Louise xx

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Aww, thanks and yes I will listen to my bad thank you for the advice😘😘😘


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