Aches & Pains

Hi everyone.

As there have been a lot of recent posts about joint pain. I just thought I would mention this.

As I seem to have put on weight since starting letrozole and zoledex I thought I would try watch what I am eating and be a bit healthier.

Everyday this week I have had a big bowl of fruit for my breakfast, made up of apples, plums, pineapple and figs. I got up this morning and noticed that I wasn't quite so stiff and achy - so I have had a look at the properties of these fruits and apparently both pineapple and figs are particularly good for the joints.

As it's only been a week and this is the first day in ages that I have managed to get out of bed and be completely upright before i got to the bathroom - I am not going to get to excited - but fingers crossed and all that.

Louise x

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  • Excellent! Thank you very much, will add it to the list. I am prone to being overweight so I know I will need to be more vigilant than before so this is very helpful.

    Best 🌹Xx

  • I'm prone to being overweight too - my friend and I both did the same diet a couple of years ago I stuck to it religiously she lost a stone and I think mine was about an ounce 😳 Thing is she was pretty slim before the diet too!


  • 😅😁damnit! Know how you feel. Went to weight watchers many times! Onetime I went for weeks without losing a thing - weight was up down up down. And the leader said imagine if you weren't coming to weight watchers 🤣😂.My best weight loss r time was becoming a post lady! Worked a treat 👍🏻👣👣.


  • Interesting about the Pineapple 🍍 & figs might give that a try especially with my knees being so bad since Chemo

    I have Steroid Weight to contend with so have changed my tea drinking habits! Bought a New Cup so instead of a Mug, I'm taking less sugar by virtue of volume, so that's a start!

    Angela 😘

  • It's not easy is it - I've just been to M&S - actually managed to walk passed the chocolate and come out with grapes! Which for me is amazing 😂Xx

  • It's the flavnoids in fruit and veg that really help so glad it's such a relief I take superfoods too xx

  • Hello Louise from Louise ...tip of the week from you ..good job you didn't say lettuce etc we would have created our own shortage 😺 .I will try it next week ..give anything ago ..

  • Hi Louise - there is a distinct lack of greenery in our local Tesco 😁Xx

  • Mine too but went into town this morning came back through asda and you would not have thought anything was wrong no signs no nothing just food...we should all move to British sprouts in full season..and yes I really do love them iron levels have hit the floor so I need my greens I shall be looking like kale and broccoli and don't even like broccoli. 😺

  • Luckily there isn't any veg I don't like - spent a lot of my time growing up at my grandparents who had a small holding - was virtually force fed home grown produce - loved it particularly the gooseberry bushes and pinching my grandads peas xx

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