Op tomorrow 😫

Hi Ladies

Sitting here writing this thinking this time tomorrow I will be in hospital either having my op or waiting to go down 😞 I'm am so nervous, have never had an op before. I'm having a mastectomy and the first node removed. I was supposed to go for the ink injection today but the cancelled and told me to come in early tomorrow. Have any of you had that done on the same day as the op? Hope you are all well xxxxx

Gitte ❀️

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  • Hi Gittelarter πŸ’

    Bless you, yes I had mine done on the same day, I arrived about 10am, went over the usual questions again, then went down for the marker about 11am l was still dressed in day clothes so make sure to wear pants & an easy remove top, (l came home in same clothes the following day)

    Then about 12.30 the anaesthetist came to see me, l was last on the list, as they'd brought the surgery forward the afternoon before.

    At the hospital I went to they had a waiting area rather than admit you to the ward pre Surgery, (it was a bit strange as I've had surgery before & always went to the ward first) but every unit had its own procedures.

    I trust all goes well for you Gitte & we'll all be thinking of you & wishing you well.

    Much Love πŸ’• & Hugs πŸ€—

    Angela 😘

  • Sending you loads of love and hugs for tomorrow and the weekend I'll be thinking of you xxxxxx

  • Hi gittelarter. Good luck for tomorrow, sending a hug and for positive vibes your way. Karen x

  • Sending you best wishes and hugs for tomorrow.


  • Good luck wishing you all the best xx

  • I also had never had an op before, not even had a tooth out before so i was really nervous, on the morning of the op though i got up and was just pumped up on adrenaline, i felt like i was stepping into the ring, cancer on one side and me the other!

    Really had nothing to be nervous about, all went well, had single mastectomy and node clearance, wasn't in half as much pain afterwards as i'd expected and asked to come off the morphine drip within hours as it made me nauseous.

    I'm sure you will be fine too, i saw it as the day i got my body back from the little invasion.

    Best wishes xx

  • I love your post - so encouraging! Thank you!

  • Good for you! It will have been nerve wracking but you got through it, especially as it was your first - and hopefully last - operation. Sending you hugs for a quick recovery, jackie x

  • Take care I had mastectomy October and all lymph nodes it's ok just think it's to rid you of the cancer my friend had the thing your having the morning of the op all was fine . It's soon over and after drains removed a good recovery . The surgeons are amazing . 3 months post op and feel great xxx

  • Not the same day because at different hospitals...scan no problem, opperation you are asleep, worse for your visitor waiting. Pain free but uncomfortable for some time...you recover well. I had no drains so waterbottle like for a time, plus a few needle drains afterwards. The day will pass quicker than you think, and mind feels so good knowing the cancer is gone! Good luck!

  • Hi Gittelarter. I have friends who had the dye injection right before surgery. By the time you read this, your surgery will likely be over and you will have started your recovery journey. Good luck to you.


  • Hi I had a mastectomy and a note removed in one day and I was grand ,that was ten years ago πŸ˜„So don't worry everything will be grand ,positive thinking 😍

  • Hi Gitte again when you read this it will all be over so apologies for not replying sooner. Yes I had my radioactive material injected at 9.30am then went back at 10.30 for the radiographer to trace the stuff and mark my skin to help identify the sentinel node for surgery as I had mx and sentinel node biopsy at the same time.

    I came round to find some but not all lymph nodes had been removed. I didn't have any pain tho I had morphine straight after I woke up whilst in recovery, then paracetamol regularly. I had a drain for nine days, it was no problem and no pain tho removing it was painful but only very briefly.

    Whatever pain relief you are prescribed be sure to keep taking it to keep on top of any pain and or discomfort.

    Wishing you well ❀️🌹. Don't forget to ask any more questions.


  • Dear Gitte- Blessings for a speedy recovery! I am scheduled for a mastectomy on 2/15 (in the US) and will have the ink marker just before surgery. I was so surprised when the surgeon told me it is outpatient surgery!! It's been very helpful to me to read the comments offered here!!! Thank you all! <3

  • Hello cbnh

    It's surprising how short the time you spend in/at the hospital on the day of your surgery, l stayed overnight as I was last on the list in the afternoon but I was home within 24hours. Don't however let anyone, including yourself underestimate the surgery you are having, you still need recovery time.

    I do however think it is a much better way, you're in your own bed, you can choose to eat what you wish & rest when you want without the hustle & bustle of a hospital ward.

    Very Best Wishes for your Surgery

    We're all here if you have any questions before or after.

    Mrs N 🌺

  • Dear Mrs N,

    Thank you so very much for your encouraging reply! I so appreciate it, and you!

  • Hi

    Not sure what the time difference is but just want to wish you all the best for today, I will be thinking of you xxxxxx

    I'm going for my result and get to know what other treatment I will need today..

    Love Gitte xxxxx

  • Gittelarter

    Hi Gitte πŸ’

    I hope your Surgery went well & you are now home & not in too much pain or discomfort.

    Everyone has been thinking about you & sending their Love & Good Wishes πŸ’•

    Hang in there, it'll get better, truly

    Love Angela πŸ’

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