New to this group why didn't I find it sooner?

Hi all,

Although British I have lived in the Netherlands for more than half my life - I am completely bilingual and have done all my treatment in Dutch, but it is great to chat in my own language - and I have nobody in my social nor family groups with breast cancer - I am literally the only one in the village

I will look through all your posts on the different subjects and see if I am able to offer any support or advice to anybody, and indeed see if there are answers to some of the questions I still have

Wishing you all good health and happiness

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  • Hi ... Welcome .. It's a brilliant group of people !! Wishing you ..all the same

  • Welcome to our group, where are you on your cancer journey, x

  • I like the word journey, that is what it feels like

    I was diagnosed last august after a routine mammagram .my surgery was on 15th september i started my radiotherapy in october and finished it in november

    They believe the whole tumour was removed and there was no spreading to the lymphnodes and sono chemo was needed, and i am now taking tamoxin and on the road to recovery' its all been a bit of a whirlwind, an unexpected journey and one i never would take...

  • Welcome lizzyHZ 💐

    It's a great group of ladies all at different stages from just being diagnosed to out through the other side. We welcome all input & be good to hear from you any time.

    Best Wishes

    Mrs N 💅🏼

  • Welcome to the group xxx

  • welcome, i am sure like most of us, you will find this forum a life line, hope you are doing well.

  • Your journey is very similiar to mine, I had lumpectomies, 3 lymph nodes in right arm were cancerous so the surgeon removed them all, no chemo, 3 weeks radiotherapy, currently on tamoxifen, my surgery was in October 2013, mammograms in 2014/15/16 are all clear

  • Hi Lizzy good to meet you. I too live in a village though only moved here 10 months ago now so missing my previous support network of friends and 'civilisation'. Not sorry to make the move but has made this health issue of mine more difficult so for me too this forum is a bit of a life line.


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