jusr waiting

I have just had a breast biopsy which was rather painfull and waiting for results.I asked if I had cancer but other than spell it out I was told,its NOT benign so what is that telling me,I cant eat ,sleep ,or focus at the minute,I was told that whatever needs to be removed and it is treatable but Tuesday serms a long way away,has anyone else bern in this same situation.Any replys will be helpful.

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  • That appears to be the Norm. I guessed at my biopsy that I had cancer when the oncologist asked if I had children and to attend his clinic on the Friday with my next of kin. I asked if I had cancer and was told nothing could be confirmed intil all test results were in. So I attended on the Friday and my suspicions were confirmed. However similar wording was used with a friend of mine and hers was not cancer. I hope the same is said for you. All the best for Tuesday. Lainey66

  • Thanks for your reply.fingers crossed but I am preparing myself for the worse,anything else will be a bonusxx

  • Yes, when I had my biopsies, the doctor told me I would be seen at the breast centre in a different hospital, at the time I was in shock, floods of tears, I said to the Dr 'are you telling me I've got breast cancer' her reply, no you've got something very very suspicious, which was why I was referred on, my appt 10 days later on a Thursday morning, it was confirmed, with lumpectomies the following Wednesday, no chemo, 3 weeks radio, this happened in October 2013, mammograms in 2014/15/16 all clear, I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday, have you got someone to take with you, stay strong and keep us posted xxxxx

  • Thanks for your reply,yes I will be taking my hubby with me but whatever it is needs to be removed (her words) Doesnt help the sick feeling tho.x

  • The same for me - my consultant said he was open minded but the lump was suspicious. The nurse who was present was brilliant but I could just tell that it didn't look good. I went away thinking that I would be more surprised if it wasn't rather than if it was. The reassuring part was that they said whatever it turned out to be it was still quite small and that BC was very treatable. That is what I focused on. I kept myself very busy, and tried my hardest not to worry which for me as a born worrier is hard to do. You just have to take it a bit at a time, and put your trust in them.

    Sending hugs πŸ€—

    Louise xx

  • Reading your post is like having deja-vu i could have written it myself

  • It's reassuring knowing your not on your own 😘

  • I had a weeks wait for my biopsy results, my consultant told me he really didn't know about my lump, as he couldn't see it very well on ultrasound, and wasn't seen at all on mammogram! Sometimes he said they can tell from shape straight away that it is cancer. But all the doctors work differently and some will probably only say when they have all the results.

    Hope all goes well for you xx

  • I had a mature elderly doctor, was told 95% it was at biopsy and scan, lump was near surface...2nd attack after 25 years. I walked away with the words mastectomy, reconstruction, and chemo...to think over...in complete shock! In a oh no...not again attitude. But macmillian breast care nurse took me out and we talked through the shock, gave me a bundle of leaflets and from then onwards...many appointments, drip feeding information. This messes head up more than anything you have experiended before...I was in a daze coming to terms with BC from a different angle. Soon you recognise the pattern of mind trauma and drop everything to concentrate on your new life for a while. Things readjust and alter...its the same as a brievement initially then its a rollercoaster with ups and downs. Fear comes in you must push it away...you have to go for distractions, you can talk to others, but until its confirmed its best to try not to share your shock to widely. This is when friends change! Keeping silent is difficult, and if its first time...many lumps are not cancer...you will have answers soon. Head will not improve until its ready...then acceptance and you do what your told...a bit like being swept in a wave...life will feel out if control...your new focus is dealing with it and moving on...nothing else matters. Be selfish and treat yourself, find ways to stablise...yoga, meditation, music, art, craft...what ever works for you. I am rambling...we try to support where we can. Focus on today.

  • No, Berylynn, you are not rambling. When I had my diagnosis I was with my great loving husband, but still felt desperately alone and faraway. My mind was saying that this was a mistake, this doesn't happen to me, it was not in my life plan.

    I remember holding my elbows close to my sides as if this would save me. As you have shown, this disappears and you begin a different journey.

  • Hi Celia2055

    I'm sorry to hear your waiting for your results, is that Tuesday (tomorrow) or next week.

    I was told at my initial appointment that it was Cancer & l'd gone alone as I knew it was a long morning & didn't want my poor husband stuck in a Waiting Room not knowing what was going on, so l think l deserved an Oscar for avoiding telling my husband as he drove me home! We then went back on the Friday for the full results of the biopsy I had on the Tuesday but then it became more complex & it turned out to be Multifocal.

    I hope all goes well for you at your next appointment & please let us know how you get on

    Best Wishes

    Mrs N πŸ’…πŸΌ

  • Got my results back on Tue ,I have invasive ductal breast cancer,stage 2,15mm in size,I need a lumpectomy and radiotherapy .Iknow there is light at the end of the tunnel,hopefully but its the journey to get there that worries me.I have never been ill in my life and to me this is a bomshell.I did ask if hrt could have caused it but there is no proof,I have never smoked and rarely drink and tp be given this news is so hard to take.

  • Hi Celia2055

    It's a big body blow when you get the diagnosis that's for sure.

    I was Triple Negative & despite its bad reputation I was slightly relieved that my HRT had not contributed to the tumour!

    You'll get through it, we all do, one way or another. I had a Mastectomy/Chemo & am now out the other side. You can & will do it, lots of support here for you, ask anything you want, someone can always help.

    Take Care πŸ’

    Best Wishes

    Mrs N πŸ’…πŸΌ

  • Hello Mrs Nails.

    I am triple negative and had mastectomy and removal of some lymph nodes. I am still learning about triple negative because only discovered the progesterone negative yesterday. Bit cross with staff not telling me - I had to ask cancer nurse to find out. They sometimes forget it's my cancer, not theirs.

    Glad to hear you are the other side of chemo. I had a funny experience yesterday when the professional prosthesis fitter sent me out with a huge rubber bosom I could hardly lift. One has to get laughs from somewhere. Good news is the hospital has just taken on a brilliant woman plastic surgeon who will be doing my reconstruction.

  • Hi Annie69

    I know, aren't they heavy! I remember weighing mine so they could deduct that when they weighed me before Chemo, I didn't want an overdose πŸ˜‚

    Where are you upto now, do you have to have any further treatment? Hope you're doing well.

    Best Wishes πŸ’

    Mrs N x

  • Hello Mrs N.

    Oncologist, Lovely chap, will make his decision on further treatment when I finish my chemo. I am halfway through the ordinary three weekly sessions, have done two, one to go. Then he says he may put me on a weekly infusion of something else. Bit confused about radiotherapy. Cancer nurse says I won't need that because no cancer present (at the moment) but oncologist has said I might have it. Too many mights for me, but I expect the poor man has to be careful what he promises.

    How far along are you? I refuse to call it a 'journey'!

  • Hi Annie

    If your Oncologist thinks you need Radiotherapy he'll refer you to Radiologist, everyone has their specialties.

    I found my lump in June 2015 following a clear Mammogram in the April, diagnosed in July, Mastectomy in August & finished Chemo in Nov 2015 As l was TNBC no other treatment except 6 monthly ZolendronicAcid to try & help prevent any spread in my bones.

    Doing well, though Taxol damaged my knees & my hair is extremely thin, so still sporting a wig πŸ’πŸ»

    But all in all not too bad. I have an auto immune disorder which is a pain, literally but keep smiling & taking the tablets!

    Let me know how you get on.

    Best Wishes Angela xx

  • Hi Angela.

    Yes, mine is triple negative and I think Taxol is the one he is considering giving me weekly. I was already taking Alendronic Acid for rheumatoid arthritis.

    I will indeed let you know how I get on and thanks very much for the information.

    Take care.


  • That was my results almost exactly. You will get through it. I'm starting radio next week and my head is calming down a little. You'll get there but it's still a complete shock at first. Sending hugs your way, jackie x

  • Hi, I found my lump just before Xmas and after several tests and biopsies they confirmed it is breast cancer? After MRI scan they have found 2 more lumps in the same breast but it has not spread to my lymph gland under the arm! Last week the took biopsies of the two new lumps and I'm going for results tomorrow πŸ˜• I can fully understand how you are feeling as I have had so many tests taken between Xmas and until now and the waiting is horrendous. I have more or less been told I will need a full mastectomy and will know for sure tomorrow. Take care xxxxxxx

  • got the news I have invasive ductal breast cancer.Stage 2Need lumpectomy and radio therapy still numb.Dont like the word cancer.xx

  • Hi celia

    sorry to hear your diagnosis, i understand how you are feeling right now. july 2015 i was diagnosed with grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma, stage 2. i was floored by my diagnosis as it just seemed to come out of the blue. I swung from being bereft to feeling strong and just took each day as it comes. I've had chemo, mastectomy, herceptin as was Her2+ radiotherapy and now take tamoxifen for 10 years. in December i had a clear mammogram on my remaining boob and that felt amazing, a day I hadn't dared think about when i was where you are now, you will get there. i lived from day to day, appointment to appointment, only thought of the here and now, put my trust in the medics and gave my body over to them so to speak, for best part of a year. Cancer is a scary word but the more i learnt about it the less i feared it, it took me a while to bring myself round to looking at the booklet I'd been sent away with at time of diagnosis but i eventually found myself in a good place with it. treatment wasn't as bad as i anticipated and i've had alot!

    sending you a hug x

  • thank you for your reassurance im sure there is light at the end of the tunnel,but its staying positive and reaching the end of it,seems a long way away.

  • Hello Celia, that was me just seven weeks ago. Okay, believe me when I say waiting is the worst part. I was exactly the same. I lost a stone in weight, couldn't settle, had a nervous stomach. It was awful. My results showed I had cancer and then more waiting for the pathology report. It's going to be a very difficult time for you, I'm not going to tell you otherwise BUT once you get your results it gets easier. It really does. All the lovely ladies on here said it would and it did. If it turns out to be cancer, be prepared to go into shock - I did! Be prepared to cry your eyes out - I did and be prepared to be afraid - I was. Then, something happens, you get in the system, they start treating you and you start coping. Only a little at first, you still cry, get angry, feel afraid BUT you do start changing. You find your feet. The treatment journey becomes clearer and you start heading towards each step and ticking them off. I'm starting three weeks radiotherapy next week myself. Today, I didn't cry once - an achievement believe me. I had coffee with a friend who's had breast cancer twice in twenty five years, and still on the go!! Trust the advice you get on this site. I couldn't have coped without it. The ladies and gents on here are fantastic and go out of their way to help. Don't start surfing the net, it's very misleading and it can be destructive. Hope it turns out to be benign, but if it doesn't there is help out there and you can one day come out the other side. Good luck, I'll say a wee prayer in the hope that it turns out to be nothing, hugs, jackie x

  • Yes been there. Had a repeat mammogram then biopsy on the left side, waited for a week and they did the right side. After biopsy, i was told not to worry because usually 99% of it is benign. Tried not to worry while waiting and only to find out that it was positive for CA. My whole world fell apart on me. I have a 7 year old daughter and she is the only reason why i am still fighting up to this time. Been 2 surgeries in a span of one month. Be strong, you can expect feeling so down which is just normal, but always remember to keep on fighting.

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