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A little light entertainment :D

Has anybody on here aquired the Amazon Echo yet? My husband Gerry purchased one for me for Christmas. I am a bit of a techy at heart albeit that I am a 'Silver Surfer'! The artificial intellingent voice of Alexa can follow a plethora of instructions. "Alexa... Play Eastcoast FM"... and Alexa plays Eastcoast FM. "Alexa ..... Play music from spotify" ... And Alexa plays the music! "Alexa, play my current book on Audible!" ... Alexa plays the book. She also tells you the weather outside if you can't be bothered to look out of the window, tells the time, increases and decreases volume etc... etc... etc...! This morning,

Me: "Alexa tell me a joke!"

Alexa" "What is brown and sticky?"...

..."A Stick!"

Corny - hell yeah, but it put a smile on my face and my repeating of it got me a severe eyeball roll off my boys... So, I thought I would share it will you all...

... ok... I will get my coat :D :D Have a great day folks xxx

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Did you read the story about 'Alexa' on US TV where the presenter asked Alexa to order a Dolls House & apparently many orders were placed by Alexa's situated near Viewers TV's & people were then very surprised when Dolls Houses were delivered!

I'm not sure how true it was but the thought is very funny! 😂

It was in The Mail Online!


I did, there was also the case where the FBI were demanding access to and Echo as it had recorded evidence of a murder that took place... OMG.... Not sure how true that was either though. I have to say, I am having fun with this one. lol

You know the old saying, little things please little minds ha ha ha ha. xx


My daughter &. Husband have one .. She kept us entertained the other day when we went for the xxxxx

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Excellent joke thank you! 😅

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