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I have not been diagnosed with breast cancer as of now, but I know I need to make an appointment to have a mammogram. I was wondering if anyone can share symptoms if they had any that they were experiencing before they were diagnosed. I ask because lately my chest has been hurting kind of a dull ache my arm also left breast had a dull ache I'm absolutely terrified my grandmother passed away from this so I know I need to get this checked & need to clear my head. Maybe it's a cysts I pray non cancerous please any info would help.

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  • Bless You Mloanddb

    Have you been to see your GP yet, or are you due a routine Mammogram? Have you found a lump?

    Mrs Nails

  • I had a lump that was not sore and not even really a lump. I had no other symptoms and found it myself by chance. You do need to get yourself checked out so make the appointment as soon as possible to put your mind at rest. Quite often there are little or no symptoms besides the lump so possibly you have something else going on. Your doc sees this all the time so will be able to determine fairly fast if you need mammogram or not. Good luck, try not to worry till someone tells you ypu havea reasin to, and let's know how it goes for you. Xx

  • Hi I have been to my doctor and I told him my age and he said my insurance probably wouldn't cover it because I'm not 40. This is a true story. I told him my grandmothers history so of course I became concerned when I started experiencing these symptoms. He likes to pass everything over to me just having anxiety. I'm sure I have anxiety now because of these symptoms . I'm going to be 35 next week I want to be around to raise my daughter and God forbid I don't catch it early enough because I'm listening to doctors tell me I'm to young to have a mammogram you know.

  • Hello, where do you live? If you are in the UK you don't need insurance for a mammogram. If you are elsewhere it would be worth paying for the initial tests so you know what you are dealing with. Can you ring your insurance company for clarification? Try pointing out to them that it would be cheaper for them to do investigations and any treatment at an earlier stage rather than later. I think it's terrible that people can't get tests or treatment due to money. Wishing you all the best xxx

  • I live in the unite states, my doctor is a little weird I'm definitely looking for a new one. Just for him to make a comment like that isn't professional. Children get cancer doesn't matter what age you are. I agree it's a disgrace i'm calling my insurance to figure out what I can do if I have to pay out of pocket I will. Better to have a piece of mind.

  • Just get a referral to breast clinic to get check seen within 2 weeks and you get mammogram and ultrasound I found ultrasound was more beneficial than mammogram mine was cancer but just had 8 months of treatment and surgery and it's treatable and I am clear so don't wait get checked and it may be nothing but if it is something the prognosis and treatment of breastcancer has advanced so much in last 6 years . Take someone with you for first appointment can take several hours and you see a breastcare consultant xx

  • I found like a thickening in an area not a lump. I didnt have any pain whatsoever and wasnt ill. I would get appt with GP get it all checked out. Hope its all fine x

  • Everyone's symptoms can vary wildly. Go to your GP and have mammogram asap as early detection is key. All the best xx

  • I had a lump which got bigger and bigger I only went doc when it got too painful to lie on !! @ 3 months so do get it checked esp with family history but my gran had it and it spread and she died but the advances nowadays mean a lot are a lot more treatable. Better to be safe than sorry and there is a test to see if it the genetic one.... Good luck 👍👍👍👍

  • Please do not put of having it done I had my first mammogram when I turned 50 in 2013 and low and behold I had it I had no symtems at all I never felt a lump as is was a sneaky wee bastard it was at back of my boob and only a mammogram would have detected it but funny how I said I felt well it wasn't until we looked at photos of me that people said o didn't look well so please please go have it done and please keep in touch fingers crossed you will be ok

    Big hugs

    Janet x

  • Hello

    I only had a lump to the side of my breast which I found while showering I had none of the regular symptoms or any other... the hospital found my other lumpy I didn't even feel it nor did the doctor ...the ultra sound found it ..... go open minded and calm ... it is what it is and will be dealt with .... keep positive

    Twinks xxx

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