Hot Moments

Happy New Year to all of the inspiringly wonderful people on this site. I am only three months into this journey and have had some ups and downs - the worst at the moment being the mega hot flushes. But yesterday my lovely husband summed it all up for me. He is having terrible sleepless nights due to my hot moments (not in that way 🙀.) We were in the car windows down as I was so unbearably hot. I glanced across at him he had his woolly hat and gloves on and was obviously cold - I said you are definitely living this with me are'nt you - he just looked at me and said I would rather be living this with you than without you honey! Puts it all into perspective really xx

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  • Saw a plaque saying they are not hot flushes but power surges 😺. I am still in a one tog duvet don't think I will ever use another tog again .but we are here ..Health and happiness in 2017

  • I know what you mean - I'm a no tog duvet at the mo xx

  • That's a lovely sentiment Louise, I wish you continued good health this new year x

  • Bless

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