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Hello Ladies. My post op (single mx 6 weeks after diagnosis and 8 weeks after my first mammogram aged 50 + 1 day) path report 2 weeks ago said there was a bit more of the little bugger than the scans had shown to date! 11 lymph nodes were removed, 6 of which tested positive meaning the dreaded chemo is coming my way followed by radio at scar site to catch anything possibly left behind. The lymph result also meant 'staging' scans to identify if the little bugger was anywhere else in my body.

The CT scan was last week and the bone scan was Wednesday.

Met 'my' oncologist on Thursday who was able to confirm the scans were clear yippee!!!!

What a relief! But more so what a change to get some good news! Since this whole episode began 10 weeks ago.

Wanted to share something good on here with you all.

Also to say thank you very much for all the posts about fec! And the tips and hints about how to deal with side effects.

Wishing everyone some good news 😌 Xx

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  • Debster 2016 im so thrilled to hear your news. Sending u a big hug i bet you are so so relieved. I got news today surgeon said my op site was healing good and that the tissue mass couldnt be aspirated but body would absorb it in around 6 months. Feel good knowing im on the mend and can look forward to starting the new year afresh. Heres to some happy and fullfilled days for u x

  • Thanks Gypsywhite esp for the hug!

    So glad to hear you're healing well!

    I can confirm the swelling does go down, mine has so that's good tho I believe I'm very lucky that it didn't need aspirating. The cording was challenging or a couple of weeks, I hope you're not suffering too much with that.

    I was surprised myself how relived i felt, really didn't appreciate the cloud we've been under the since the diagnosis. It has given me lots of confidence to face the chemo and radio, knowing that should be it!

    Onwards and upwards πŸ‘β€οΈ!!

  • Debster2016 I had same frame if mind as you re chemo etc and it certainly was best path forward for me. Im sure everyone here will be routing for you. Happy New Year when it comes too x

  • Debster thats amazing!! really pleased for you. I had FEC-T, feels bad at the time but you will get there. Get plenty of rest, do not feel guilty about not being able to do housework etc...when you feel too poorly. Surround yourself with things to do, whatever you're able to manage, books, magazines, etc...

    best wishes for 2017 x

  • Thanks Caz 😌. Am making the most of this peaceful time before chemo and appreciate all the suggestions to help xxx

  • Excellent news. Now you go and enjoy a relaxed, happy and totally healthy New Year xxxx

  • Very good news. πŸ˜€

  • Wonderful news wishing you all the best for 2017 x

  • Great so glad it's a tough journey but also has a positive impact on you too you will decide who in your life is really there for you

  • Its difficult keeping things positive. My daughter gave me a book tea and interesting read, some help but I am not sure I learnt much more about Chemo because aim was positive. Also book on cancer cookbook for patients undergoing Chemo, from Royal Marsden. Such little things help. Had a rummage around and sorted a wooly hat and scarf collection, and bought a number of healthshop prep so far, one friend was pushing royal jelly. Shop advised discusing with Doctors first so came away empty. Walking away from hospital knowing that herceptin was ruled out sounded like good news. Lab report on nodes still outstanding...body scan outstanding...chemo doctor also. Its still unknown factor. Like the pressure off relax part and trying to arm myself with protection for the Chemo weeks, and viewing the wig selections while the surgery heals.

  • Hi Berylynn you are where I was 2 weeks ago after my post op path report - more investigation required! Scans plus results took 2 weeks ending with seeing my chemo doctor.

    Good luck with your scans, hoping the results give you a clear finishing line and that you feel better for that. Well done on taking some control of the current situation with your active preparation, that's great!

    This forum is just so helpful so supportive, it makes a real difference.

  • I find the forum a little diagnosis, treatment, and age makes such diverse problems, so I try to match where I can. Even stranger reaction from friends this time around, they all want to meet up!

  • Great that you had some good news at the end, and this time next year you will be looking back thinking I am all done and dusted now! Get all the support and advise from so many experienced people on here you can, this will help you get through, I thinking knowing you aren't alone helps the most, as family just cannot understand the same. Will be thinking of you over the coming months xxx

  • Thanks Deb you've been great. I do feel 100% more positive having my own clear finishing line now.

    This forum is invaluable and I'm grateful to everyone xxx

  • Mmmmmm not quite the birthday present you had in mind I guess! The good news is that we are survivors with attitude and have found each other here and met many wonderful people along the way who are now life long friends.

    Good does come from bad.

    Good luck xx

  • All true emonty and thank you xx

  • Wonderful to hear some good news! May 2017 be kind to you. Get through chemo & radio & you can really start to pick up your life again. It won't be "normal" but it will be your new normal i.e. Whatever you decide it is going to be! Happy 2017!

  • Yes indeed, it will be different - change always happens! And it doesn't have to be bad just differerent! A different year for sure one which will end well I feel.

    Oh it's good to be out from under that cloud of the unknown 🌀🌞 😁Xx

  • Nice to hear some good news. Happy New Year to you xxx

  • Great news honey. All the best for 2017 xx

  • Hi Debster2016

    Fantastic News re your Scans!

    Happy New Year πŸ₯‚

    Best Wishes to You & Your Family for 2017 πŸ₯‚

  • Hi Mrs N thank you very much too. Yes indeed here's to a better 2017 πŸ‘πŸΎ.

  • I'm so happy for your clear scans. I can well image the thrill. Mine were not, but I'm planning on the next scan showing a better picture. Happy New Year, you can go forward now with joy! 😘😘😘😘

  • Thank you very much Jac & here's to better scans for you soon xxx

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