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Hi I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. This is my first post here I am feeling so so nervous and worried. A couple of weeks back my mum felt a lump on her breast she went to the Drs who could feel it and was worried so reffered her urgently to the breast clinic. That appointment is tomorrow. I am so scared as have done reading online and 85% of breast lumps in woman over 50 are cancer! She had a clear mammogram in February but I have read many situations where this has happened, but then cancer was found soon after and after re looking at the mammogram they say something was suspicious! I lost my dad to lung cancer last year and we have all struggled to move on with life without dad and it's only in the last few months that we have began adjusting, now I am petrified that my beautiful mummy could have this bas***d disease too! Sorry for the post I am just so anxious x

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  • Hi Knic, sorry to read of your mums worries and woes,I was diagnosed 3 yrs ago aged 51, no lump but it was picked up on first ever mammogram, when I was called back for biopsies I asked the Dr if I had breast cancer, she said it's something very, very suspicious, 10 days later it was confirmed, 6 days later I had lumpectomies (cancer in both breasts), no chemo, 3 weeks radio, first ever mammogram 3 September 2013, discharged from Oncology 3 March 2014, literally a six month journey, still on Tamaxofen, clear mammograms in 2014/15/16, I'm sending love and hugs to you, your mum and the rest of your family and friends, please post any questions on this forum, I'm sure one of us will have an answer xxxxxx

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I am happy that you are doing well on your journey. I am going with my mum tomorrow, I am so scared. My mum doesn't seem frightened and I am worried she doesn't realise what it could be :( and at the same time I don't want to bring my negative thoughts out and worry her. Tomorrow could throw our lives into turmoil (again) I hope with all my heart it's not but I have such a bad feeling xxxxxxx

  • Hi knic sorry to hear of your worries but at the moment that's all it is ..You and your mum have to think positive life is too short to worry about things we can't change !If it is bad news then it's been caught early and if it isn't then you've had all that worry and stress for nothing .Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy healthy new year stay positive stay strong✊❤

  • Hi Knic. The fact that your mum's mammogram was borderline clear, so that initially they saw nothing on it, means that even if this lump is more than a simple cyst or blocked duct, which it still could be, then it will be early stages, and when that happens, the odds of her being completely curable and for it not to have spread are much higher.

    The reason your mum is not freaking out is because the doctors have reassured her, i would say, plus it's much harder (as my partner tells me) to be the one looking on and worrying than the one going through it. I felt calm (after the initial diagnosis) and just got on with the treatment, but this was because my doctors' confidence and reassurance was amazing.. and here i am, like JennyMary out the other side, on tamoxifen for the next few years, which is just a tablet to supress oestrogen in the body..

    If your mum does get the news she's not wanting, it's still all very treatable and she is in a very very strong position. Please try (all very well for me to say) not to compare her story to your Daddy (so sorry for your loss), as no 2 stories are the same... similar advice re reading up about breast cancer online.. if you just read a few of the stories in here, you will see every story is totally different.

    Best of luck with your mum's appointment and if you or your mum need a rant or a shoulder we are here.



  • Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply. Although I am still so worried about tomorrow it helps to talk to you. My mum is being very laid back about it and saying we will be in and out. I am more prepare for the worst and hope for the best xxxxx

  • Please try not to worry- I had a mastectomy in 2010 after a very sudden diagnosis- I am 58 and cancer free now. This is so treatable now and even if it bad news you and your mum will get through is really hard to be the one looking on I know as my husband also had cancer recently. Good luck tomorrow and remember they really do know how to treat this. Ow...

  • Hello Knic

    Bless you, darling girl you must be so worried about your Mum & not a worse time of year as the waiting time is longer with the bank holidays.

    Your Mum is being very pragmatic about this, as l was. I didn't tell my husband until the night before that l had an appointment as l'd found a lump because l didn't want him to worry.

    Please don't consult 'Dr Google' until you have all the facts, Breast Cancer Care & Macmillan are very good places to start.

    There are many, many different kinds of breast cancer & treatments so if the news today is what you are dreading the Breast Care Nurses will guide you through the next stages before you leave the appointment.

    Don't get ahead of yourself with 'What If's' it's not good for you or your Mum. Try to be led by her attitude, she sounds an amazing lady.

    You've very sadly lost your Dad & now your lovely Mum is facing a potential diagnosis of something all women dread.

    I hope you're posting on here later today that all is good but if not we're all here, many of us out the other side (like me) & other ladies going through treatment now. We can & will help to support both you & your Mum whatever the outcome.

    Be strong today & listen carefully to what the Doctor says but you will have the opportunity after that to speak with the Breast Care Nurse.

    Mum may well have another Mammogram, an Ultrasound & possibly a biopsy so it's a long morning/afternoon about three hours or so, so be prepared for that.

    My Very Best Wishes for Today & please let us all know later how you get on 💕💐

    Mrs Nails 💅🏼

  • Thank you for your replys, so so lovely of you to take the time to read and reply. I am so nervous this morning. Mum is back at work today so that will hopefully distract her from the appointment this afternoon. Hoping with my whole heart for good news xxxxxx

  • I was very laid back when i was diagnosed four years ago with breast cancer. My only worry was what I was putting my children through. I'm 4 1/2 years cancer free now, I'm on arimidex to stop my body producing hormones. I see my surgeon once a year now and my oncologist at 6 month intervals. In my opinion breast cancer is so treatable when diagnosed early as I feel if your mothers turns out to be cancer it would be early stage. No point telling you not to worry, if it is cancer it will be a tough few months but you will look back in a year and wonder why you were so worried. Keep us posted, and ask loads of questions at the appt today. Write down all you want to ask before the appt. best of luck. You are a very good daughter and so sorry about your dad. Xx

  • Thank you for replying so happy for you that you are doing well. I will let you know how today goes xxxxxx

  • My mother, who lived to be almost 99, had 2 benign cysts removed in her early 50s and never had cancer, while I discovered I had breast cancer at 68. All this to tell you not to worry (it's bad for your health) as your mother might not have breast cancer. I also went to my first appointment with my daughter who, after hearing my diagnosis, starting immediately to cry. I had to lift up her spirits while worrying about my health problem. So please be strong and positive. Think about my mother having had just benign cysts. OK?

    Good luck and fingers crossed


  • Hi that's not nice I had my 1st mammogram 2013 and it showed up I would never have known I had it as it was at back of breast so would have needed scan to pick it up it is a worry thinking about you and your mum if it's any consolation I had the Cancer removed wasn't in my lymph nodes had half them removed I had 6 weeks radiotherapy and put on tamoxifen for 10 years to prevent it coming back please keep me posted thinking of you all big hugs xx

  • Hi everyone well we are back after a few hours at the breast clinic. The dr saw mum to start he felt her and asked where the problem was, mum pointed to one area but said she could feel something else also in the same boob, so the doctor circled the whole area. We then waited for a scan, mum didn't have a mammogram as they said her last one was February. Mum had an ultrasound and the lady that did it said then it was a fatty lump. But we still had to go and see the dr. The dr called us in and said the ultrasound showed a fatty lump but he wanted to go and check with them as he felt a lump?! He returned and said they reassured him it is just fatty and that unless she feels any change he is happy to leave it at that? I know I should be elated and I am happy I just wish I felt more reassured xxxxx

  • So glad! Don't worry. If there was anything to worry about, they would have done a biopsy. I'm glad they didn't want for her to have another mammogram as having too many is unhealthy as it's radiation.

    An ultrasound shows a lot. There is nothing to worry about. Just celebrate the New Year!

    Hugs and kisses to you and your mum!!

  • Thank you so much xxx

  • I can remember how I felt I was called back after my first mammogram at 51 with no lump but a suspicious area that required a biopsy. To cut a long story short I had 2 areas of malignancy that were high grade but they were hopeful there was nothing in the lymph glands. I am a no nonsense kind of person and just wanted rid of the disease so opted for a mastectomy and reconstruction at the same time. The waiting for biopsies and then the results of the lymph were the worst time its like walking through life in a daze, however I'm pleased to say I'm just over a year clear and no need for chemo as lymph clear and no radiotherapy as had full removal with mastectomy. I am HER+ so have to take a tablet for the next 5 years but hey that's nothing even with the side effects. I think you should be positive treatment has moved on so much and the care your mum will receive will be amazing, its worse I think for the people around you as everyone is still very frightened by the by being told a family or friend has the big C. I'll be thinking of you

  • Well Knic What Wonderful News!

    Please be reassured, they do scans every day & are experts in BC

    Very Best Wishes for 2017 🥂

    Mrs Nails 💅🏼

  • that happened to me they didn't see anything on the mammogram or scan and told me it might be benign and then they did a biopsy and thats when they found out it was cancer I think you should stay positive until they actually confirm that it is cancer. I am sorry to hear about your mum having it though really am its hard. I hope you can try and have a good year

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