Help each other. without knowing each other

Help each other. without knowing each other

Dear Friends.

I can't understand your feelings, even I can't be with you, I don't know how to help my friend (She is doing her Chemo). So I planned to help you peoples. If you need any help ask me. For example, your kids studying things. I wish to help you. My help will reach any one of the people. Same time God will help my friend.....

Sorry .................

I'm from India and My English is not Good also. Please Accept me....................

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  • I'm doing ok thanks and completed my chemotherapy about 11 months ago. To help your friend just listen to her worries, do some of her chores (house cleaning, shopping, cooking) and try to make her laugh. My friends did all of these things and it helped me a lot.

    Good luck my friend.

    Emonty x

  • Well done what a dear friend

  • Try and just be there for her sit with her during chemo and make her nice way to eat food and keep her company xx

  • Maggieeee I'm always wish to help her. Last few days i cooked her. She does not like to talk to me. Everyday I went her home and hide myself and then teach her kids and clean her dishes then finally say goodnight ..:)

  • I was grateful for a chat and some nice meals. Juat being there will be good. You are a special person wanting to help sending love your wayx

  • Gypsywhyte ...................Your always welcome .................

  • You sound like a lovely friend, I didn't have chemo, but the best thing out can do for your friend is be there for here, hold her when she cries, listen when she talks, maybe arrange a treat for her for when she finishes her chemo, perhaps a nice home cooked meal, look after each other, I wish you both well xx

  • Hello ediwn

    You just being there is a great support for your friend, doing the dishes, helping out with the children. Doing the practical things is one less thing for her to worry about about. Picking up her shopping, tidying around, making her bed or doing the washing.

    And the main thing is just being there for her. You sound an Amazing Person. Well Done! 💐

  • Hello MrsNails.

    Thanks dear.

    I'm doing all things. But I'm not satisfied with that. I need to help her more. She didn't want my help. I asked lots of thing she didn't accept it. she didn't eat well she didn't do exercises ect.ect. When I talk to her theses things she was angry with me ... . .. . . .. So I felt I'm not helping to her not much....

  • ediwn

    I think you are a great friend, people react to a Cancer diagnosis in many different ways. I know you are worried about her not eating but her appetite will improve once she has finished the Chemo but she really does need to do those exercises, only gentle to begin with but very important for her long term use of her arm.

    You can only do your best but if she cannot or won't accept your help, just keep popping around to see her & let her know you can & will help.

    Please don't make yourself ill worrying.

    Take Care & Blessings for The New Year 🙏🏼

  • Tanks dear .... When I talk you guys after that I get some relaxation

    You too Take care.. I Blessing you to get a wonderful New Year

    .............. happy new year in advance

  • Just listen when she needs it. We all need great friends like you.

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