Four down two to go yeh! Merry Christmas x

Hi all. Well glad to get the first of the docetaxol (T) chemos out the way. The day went well considering and it's great not to have the nausea that I got with the EC. Had the treatment last Thursday and felt great on the Friday morning, even ventured out for a coffee in town. Oh this is not too bad at all I thought ....wrong! My smugness came to an abrupt end on the Saturday when the train hit me at full speed . Now at day 7 and feeling completely knackered. My mouth is very sore and food tastes awful. All these things I knew to expect. But I swear someone also has a voodoo doll of me and is taking great delight in sticking pins in. I'm getting really random stabbing type pains all over. Had anyone else experienced these.?? I am thinking it's maybe a nerve related thing? I'm taking paracetamol and ibuprofen which helps. Anyway apart from this is i am doing well and looking forward to Christmas ( hoping things ease off a bit by then). So wishing you all the best Christmas you can possibly have and a happy and healthier 2017. Karen ❤💋xx

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  • Aarrgghh you poor woman. I had the TC and same complaints. Pkentynof salt water to ease the mouth. Ask about the mouth rinse called BMX that numbs mouth and throat to help you eat. If you have a couple of cubes of tinned pinapple before a meal it refreshes the tastebuds a bit which reduces that horrid taste (not a lot but it helps) Infinished all chemo in June and still have reduced sensation in toes and fingers. You are nearly there, remember to store energy by sleeping when your body tells you. You've got this girl. Have a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and a far healthier 2017. Sending hugs. Lainey66 xxx

  • Oh thanks Lainey. Yes I've read about the pineapple and I got some juice. Think I am the only person buying ice lollys are this time if year too😄.xx

  • Hi Kazzerp

    I am so sorry to hear the Docetaxol made you so ill, it hit me on the third day too! Like an Express Train & the pain in my bones was indescribable 😫

    I 'lost' two days, never really slept & was in bed for a week which never happened on the FEC

    I sincerely hope you improve before Christmas. Thinking of You & Wishing You Well 💐

    Best Wishes

    Mrs Nails 💅🏼

  • Well done on getting this far, just think in the not too distant future you'll be posting that your chemo has finished, are you having radio as well, enjoy your Christmas and best wishes to you and all on this forum for a healthier 2017 xxxxx

  • Wishing you well Kazzerp. Have a good Christmas 🎄X

  • oh yes, i remember the stabbing pains well. i twitched laid in bed and let out little yelps, my husband said it was awful to witness. one night i'd got up to use the bathroom and passed out on the landing, i remember the carpet coming up to meet me like a freight train, that was only after the first docetaxel, the last 2 just made me very constipated!

    best wishes xx

  • Hi Kazakhstan, I was the same on the docetaxl part,they told me it wasn't as bad as fec,it was unfortunately but in a totally different way.Unquenchable thirst and awful taste constantly were my biggest complaints and those aches and Pains! I don't know how we get through it but you will find a way,ice lolies are lifesavers and just keep alternating between ibuprofen and paracetamol to help with the pains.Like you I suffered really badly with nausea on the fec so just think at least you have that part done.I really feel for you but you will feel better afterwards, I'm 9 weeks post chemo and have been feeling gradually better from week 5 but I had a lumpectomorrow 5 weeks ago so probably had a bit of a setback recovering from that (I don't deal well with anaesthetic),only radiotherapy to go after christmas.

    I really hope you can find ways of feeling well-ish and wish you a happy christmas and uplifting new year.Luv Vicky.x

  • Thanks Vicky . Have a lovely Xmas yourself and all the very best for 2017. Kaz x

  • Didn't mean to call you Kazakhstan!sorry bloody predictive text!!😁

  • I can imagine you are counting the days until you don't have to take all this. I hope they pass quickly for you and you're out the other side in no time, with this terrible time a distant memory xxx

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