sugarplum 70 had a lump out

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when i had my op they put me on Letrozole which i take now for 10 years ,i had Radiotherapy ,that was 2 weeks ago , but they did not tell me there would be after math, of reaction ,which now i got home last treatment, i went to put my E45 on as they told me could use to keep my right breast soft, it was in the night it was swollen up ,and smell under my bust ,it had come out in Blisters ,which i got up and went to wash in cool water ,in the Morning my husband took me to our doctors ,with having the Radiotherapy ,it had burned under and next to my rib cage.dotor gave me 2 lots of cream one to cool,other for the when you have burns .which its 2 weeks and it still has not got any better .i have to go back on friday , i am second Antibotics and aother tube of cool cream ,and Gorse ,asi cant wear a bra or any thing near,

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  • On no that is unpleasant for you. I had burns and blisters on my collar bone as i had the lymph nodes in my neck zapped too. It is not the best but the job it does on the cancer is worth it. It took mine about a month to clear fully. All the best with your continuued recovery xx

  • Had radio but nothing like your side effects. Hope it settles soon and you get back on your feet soon. X

  • I had a similar situation this time last year,the radiology nurses gave me mepilix dressing to put on the area it was very helpful,eased the discomfort a lot although it still took a few weeks to clear away.

  • I had burns under my breast, as well as cream, I had dressings that I think were paraffin soaked these helped a lot with the discomfort keeping the area moist

  • Oh dear ... Not nice !! I had urns & skin loss across my chest and under my arm ... Unpleasant to say the least , but only took around 3-4 weeks ... In my mind worth it in the long run...keep positive ... Hugs X

  • I am currently experiencing the same - very sore. I have been using aloe Vera gel which seems to be helping. Xx

  • Hi i also had burns under my arm as i had lymphnodes removed also it took about 2 weeks to heal .just keep reminding yourself of the benefits its not easy but you will heal .xhugs

  • It well get better. Hang in there. I had the paraffin soaked dressings from the nurse in radiotherapy. They helped a lot and made me feel more confortable. To hold the dressings in place the nurse made a make-shift bra from 'knitted' type knickers!! They worked well. Hope yours improves soon xx

  • All these replies are frightening me. My first RT is scheduled for 1/9. Thinking of backing out now even though I've already had the simulation and tattoos. I've never felt comfortable about having RT. Do more women get these problems than not?


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