Mammogram recheck with Ultrasound

I am 55 years old and have had many mammograms, starting at the age of 40, every other year in the beginning. No issues and no family history. Returned last week for the yearly mammogram I got a phone call Monday of suspicious finding and return today for mammogram redo of left breast and ultrasound. They too mention in my letter I have dense breast tissue. Many years ago my Mom had a needle biopsy, which came back ok. I was floored getting that phone call to return and a bit antsy about my return this morning. Hopefully they will give me a clue has to the findings today.

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  • Good luck. When I had my recall letter after first mammogram ever I don't remember what it said but I had yet more mammogram and ultrasound and biopsies, I'll be thinking of you x

  • Good luck.xx

  • I had two benign lumps, years apart. The second one was ( I was just a bit younger than you) 'suspicious ' and I was called back for ultrasound etc. I had a needle biopsy, then a lumpectomy, then everything was declared benign all along. It was precisely this ' performance' however, that lead me to stop having the mammograms. Now, twelve or so years later, having ignored ( another) lump in exactly the same place as the previous two, I had two cancerous tumours, although now removed by mastectomy, the cancer had spread to my liver. So, the message here is, don't worry, anything found will be got early enough for you to have successful,treatment. But it could easily be nothing at all, as mine was. Don't give up on regular checks.

  • Thinking of you good luck .

  • All is well the mammogram and ultrasound showed glandular tissue plus the dense breast tissue. Back to regular screenings next year. I KNEW had something been found it wold most likely be manageable since I make sure to never miss an appointment for mammograms. But the phone call saying something questioning was found. I now will be paying more attention to my lil tatas. Thank you all for your responses and God Bless.

  • Good luck to all x

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