Would I be eligible?

I've been on tax credits the last few years, so getting free prescriptions etc, however, on changing my job now working less than 16 hours a week, my tax credits have been taken away from me (trying to find a replacement), but I was told about a form FP92A offering an exemption certificate for cancer patients, my question is, my op was in October 2013, discharged from Oncology March 2014, although I'm still on Tamaxofen, so would this exemption cover me

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  • Your exemption certificate last 5 years and you should still be entitled contact macmillan helpline they have a finance/ benefits helpline and can advise you on what you are eligible for they were really good

    Fill your form in for your exemption you need it esp if you are on tamoxifen I would think

  • While you are taking cancer medication you will be able to get exemption certificate, you doctor can sign it, keep any receipts if you pay for anything until you receive it, as you can get a refund, that is another form also.

  • The simple answer is yes. Just apply on line and ask your GP to sign and send it. Good luck x

  • I agree with Nicholjac about McMillan. They can advise on benefits and you can also apply for a grant from them

  • Hi, my understanding is that you should qualify for a medical exemption. My GP gave me the form which I think she had signed. Ask at your surgery and they should be able to sort something out. Life on Tamoxifen is interestung enough without having to pay for the pleasure! Xx

  • Yes you are as you are on cancer medication . I had a form from my doctor and within three days I got the medical exemption card ..Macmillan can offer you all sorts of financial advice ..give them a call. It's one less issue to worry about ...stay well and take care

  • Yes you are intiteled to free prescriptions for Five years after treatment, you need to get doctors to fill in the form.


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