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Time scale from diagnosis to surgery

Oops I was actually diagnosed 5 weeks ago and with my surgery next week it's taken 6 weeks to get there. I was scared that the process was so slow but was advised that government target for the NHS to fully diagnose / identify the position and confirm what they are going to do about it is 31 days and then they have another 31 days to act on it = 62 days = <9 weeks. This is based on research undertaken by cancer research as it is considered unlikely that the cancer will grow significantly in that time.

Hope this helps anyone else who is fretting at how long it seems to be taking to get things done.

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Yes, finding it really does vary depending on where you are. Im under york hospital and i was diagnosed 7th july 2015 and had first chemo on the 30th, i had chemo first then mastectomy in December. A friend of my aunt was diagnosed the year before me, near hull, and she was told after mammogram it looked like cancer but then waited 5 weeks to get biopsy result back which is ridiculously long wait, she was phoning them every few days pleading for more info, but was then dealt with quickly once the exact diagnosis came through.


Wow poor lady! Glad to hear things picked up but can feel for her for the delay.

As you say depends where you are as to why I wasn't offered chemo first.

Hope you're Keeping well xx


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